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Ivy Style Symposium 2012

The Museum at FIT's twelfth fashion symposium, Ivy Style, opens up with deputy director and exhibition curator Patricia Mears introducing the MFIT exhibition Ivy Style. It closes with a presentation by Claudio del Vecchio, chairman and chief executive officer of the ultimate Ivy style brand, Brooks Brothers. Throughout the two days, an international array of scholars, authors, designers, and curators will discuss, debate, and celebrate the styles enduring popularity and its influence on contemporary fashion as well as the cultural and aspirational aspects of Ivy styles creation and allure. 
See below for fees.
Ivy Style symposium
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   Thursday, November 8
 9:3010:30 am  Check-in, registration, and coffee
Haft Auditorium, Feldman Center, second floor
 10:30 am12:30 pm Welcoming remarks
Dr. Joyce F. Brown, president of FIT, Welcome
Dr. Valerie Steele, director and chief curator of The Museum at FIT
Patricia Mears, Ivy Style
Daniel Cappello, The Ivy League
Dr. Peter McNeil, The Duke of Windsor and the Creation of the Soft Look
 12:30 pm  Book signing of Ivy Style and The Ivy League
 12 pm  Lunch break
 25 pm Dr. Christopher Breward, Ivy Britannicus: Dress, Style, and the British University
Dr. Masafumi Monden, Ivy in Japan: A Regalia of Non-Conformity and Privilege
Dr. Monica Miller, Howard/Harvard: Black Ivy and "Our Kind of People"
Dr. Deirdre Clemente, Ivy Men and Their Seven Sisters: Dating, Sex, and Casual Dress, 1920-1960
   Friday, November 9
 9:3010:30 am   Check-in, registration, and coffee
Haft Auditorium, Feldman Center, second floor
 10:30 am12:30 pm G. Bruce Boyer, Jazz and Ivy Style at Mid-Century
Richard Press, J. Press and the Heyday of Ivy
Michael Bastian and Patricia Mears,
in conversation
Jeffrey Banks and Doria de la Chapelle,
Preppy: Cultivating Ivy Style
 12:30 pm  Book signing of Preppy: Cultivating Ivy Style
 12 pm   Lunch break
 25 pm G. Bruce Boyer and Paul Winston, in conversation
Clark Aldrich, Dusty Grainger, and John Tinseth, Blogging About Ivy
Claduo Del Vecchio, Brooks Brothers
  Pre-registration deadline is October 26, 2012.
Space permitting, you may also register the day of the symposium.

General public: $100
FIT Alum: $75
The FIT community, including students, faculty, and staff: free, with ID
Members of the Couture Council: free
All students from other schools: free, with ID

The $100 fee covers both days. There are no single-day registrations. The
symposium is free to all students, as well as FIT faculty and staff. A copy of
your student or FIT ID must be submitted with the registration form.