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FALL RETURN 2021:   Find details about FIT’s full return to campus for fall classes.

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Goodman Center Renovations

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The Gladys Marcus Library and the School of Graduate Studies, both located in the Shirley Goodman Resource Center, are undergoing extensive renovations to create more welcoming and functional spaces for students, faculty, and visitors. This work, taking place on the fourth and sixth floors, will provide facilities that enable study, research, collaboration, and a better experience for users.

  • SPARC Reading Room, View 1
  • SPARC Reading Room, View 2
  • SPARC Storage Room, View 1
  • SPARC Storage Room, View 2

Gladys Marcus Library’s Special Collections Archive

The library’s Special Collections Archive (SPARC) is being expanded and improved to appropriately care for its collections and to better serve the FIT community and the public.  

Gladys Marcus Library’s Acquisitions and Metadata Services Office

The library’s Acquisitions and Metadata Services (AMS) Office, on the sixth floor, will be renovated to improve its HVAC, furniture, finishes, and lighting.

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School of Graduate Studies

The School of Graduate Studies (SGS), located mainly on the sixth floor, is renovating classrooms, seminar rooms, and faculty office space to enhance the teaching and learning experience.

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While renovations are going on, there will be varying degrees of noise, dust, and other disruptions on all three floors, including periodic interruption of elevator service. Later, there will be exterior work that will affect the surrounding community, causing noise, sidewalk closures, and the presence of cranes on the street. 

Photos: Samuel Anderson Architects