Policies, Contracts, Withdrawal Information and Forms

Community Standards

The Residence Contract is a legal agreement between a resident student and FIT.  Students must agree to the Residence Contract prior to completing an application to live on campus. The Residence Contract is for a full academic year (Fall and Spring semesters). 

The Resident Handbook outlines policies and expectations for all resident's behavior and conduct. This document also provides information, resources, and essential campus knowledge. 


To report a Title IX incident regarding sexual harrasment, sexual violence, or sex discrimination you may contact:

Deliwe Kekana
Title IX Coordinator
[email protected]
(212) 217-3365
333 7th Avenue, 16th Floor ii.
Dean of Students
[email protected]
(212) 217-3800
Business and Liberal Arts Center, Room B-22 

To report an incident in the Residence Halls or that impacts a residential student, you may contact your Resident Assistant, Residential Education Coordinator, or:

Destini Young
Assistant Director for Conduct and Community Standards
[email protected] 
(212) 217-3900
Alumni Hall 113S



All students are required to have a meal plan or declining balances as follows:

  • Students who are new/entering to FIT housing in traditional-style rooms must have a minimum of the 185 block plan.
  • Students who are new/entering to FIT housing in apartment-style rooms must have a minimum of the 75 block plan.
  • Students who are returning to FIT housing must have a minimum of the $300 declining balance plan.

Meal Plan Availibility

Open to All Residents

  • 265 Meals and $200 Tiger Bucks - $2,619.00 Per Semester
  • 185 Meals and $445 Tiger Bucks - 2,380.50 Per Semester
  • Freedom Plan ($2,757 Tiger Bucks) - $2,757.00 Per Semester

Open to Residents In Apartments Only

  • 75 Meals and $450 Tiger Bucks - $1,447.00 Per Semester
  • 75 Plus Plan (95 Meals) and $450 Tiger Bucks - $1,669.00 Per Semester 

Open to Returning Students in Kaufman Only

  • $300 Declining Balance Plan ($300 Tiger Bucks) - $300.00 Per Semester

Meal Plan Changes

Residents may change your meal plan until September 12, 2022. After that students may only increase thier meal plan. Students may change thier meal plan three times via myHousing. After that, changes must be done in person or via email through Residential Life.

To change a meal plan:

  1. Log into your myHousing
  2. On the left navigation bar, click "Dining"
  3. Select "Dining Plans"
  4. A message that reads Purchased Meal Plans - Summer 2022 (no current dining plan) should appear, click the arrow to the right of that message to expand the box and see a drop down
  5. A box that reads Summer 2022 and another drop down arrow to the right of that should appear, click the small downward facing arrow and select "Fall 2022"
  6. Your active meal plan as well as the option Change my Meal Plan with another drop down arrow will appear, click the drop down arrow again and select the meal plan you would like
  7. Click purchase meal plan
  8. Your new meal plan should now appear and your old one should highlight green indicating that meal plan is now inactive.
  9. Your student account will be updated the next business day with the refund for your old meal plan and charge for your new one.


All information about withdrawal and refunds can be found here

Policy and Procedure Details

  • Form must be printed out and completed by resident
  • Form must be returned within 3 business days from the date on the conduct letter
  • Form must be returned to either
    Kaufman Hall Residential Life Office located in Kaufman Lobby
    27th Street Residential Life Office located in Alumni Lobby

Conduct Appeal Form (.docx)

For more detailed information regarding the appeal process, please refer to the Resident Handbook (.pdf).

FIT shall not be liable or otherwise responsible for any loss or damage of personal property for either a resident or guest.

Coverage of personal belongings under parent’s/guardian’s home owners or renters insurance is advised. Insurance for student property specifically designed for college residents is recommended. Insurance brochures are available in the Residential Life Office. FIT is not affiliated with any of these insurance providers.

The work order system is for maintenance requests only. A work order is a request related to space maintenance that can usually be completed within a time frame of 1-7 days. 

IT/Cable TV requests should be submitted with FIT TechHelp (212-217-4357).

Maintenance work orders can be placed by using our online work order system. To create a work order:

  • Log into your MyFIT account.
  • Under Web Resources, choose “Facilities Maintenance Work Order Request”.
  • Choose your maintenance work order type under “Work Orders” tab.
  • Complete your new work order request, and click “Save.”
  • Now, your work order is “open” and a building and grounds representative will address it at their earliest convenience.

For further details, please see the full work order guide (.pdf).

How to Follow up on a Work Order

You may follow up on a work order by contacting the UG2 department at extension 4420 and speaking with a representative. Please have your work order number ready for reference. Please note that this system is monitored during normal business hours.

Should you have any severe emergencies (gas smells, water leaks, power failure, lack of heat, etc.), please contact our Public Safety Emergency Number immediately at (212)-217-7777.

Additional Information