Moving Out

This information pertains to withdrawing from your housing contract.

For information about withdrawing or dropping one or more courses, see 
Course Withdrawal.

For information about completely withdrawing from FIT, see Withdrawing from the College.

Withdrawal for Spring 2023

With the consent of Residential Life, the housing contract may be terminated at the end of the fall semester due to early graduation, study abroad, academic dismissal, transfer of schools, withdrawal or military service. Requests for early release from the housing contract for reasons other than those mentioned above are granted only under rare and extenuating/unforeseen circumstances through the withdrawal process.

A resident who officially withdraws or has been dismissed from FIT for either academic or disciplinary reasons is not released from the obligations of this Contract unless otherwise agreed.

The Residence Contract is binding for the full academic year. Residents who withdraw or are dismissed will be responsible for a minimum charge of $500.00, and should consult the refund schedule for financial penalties incurred as a result of terminating the Contract. Withdrawal charges/refunds are issued in accordance with the College’s Withdrawal Refund schedule minus the applicable withdrawal fee. Please refer to the College’s tuition and fee refund policy and website for information and dates.

All refunds will be credited to the Resident's account through the Bursar’s office. 

If a resident vacates a suite/room without the consent of Residential Life prior to the end of the stated Term of the housing contract the Resident shall remain responsible for the costs of the entire stated Term of the Contract. Failure to occupy a space after signing the housing contract does not relieve the Resident of the responsibility to fulfill the terms and financial obligations of the housing contract.

  • January 29, 2023: Last day to receive 100% refund for spring minus housing deposit
  • February 5, 2023: Last day to receive 75% refund for spring minus housing deposit
  • February 12, 2023: Last day to receive 50% refund for spring minus housing deposit
  • February 19, 2023: Last day to receive 25% refund for spring minus housing deposit

To Withdraw From Housing

Withdrawal requests may be made by students via their myHousing portal in their myFIT. 

  1. Expand the left navigation panel and click "Forms & Applications"
  2. Click the application "Spring 2023 Withdrawal"
  3. Complete the application and press "Submit"
  4. Upon approval of their application, students should plan to vacate within 48 hours