Moving Out

On behalf of the entire Office of Residential Life we would like to thank you for a wonderful year. We understand that this year brought many challenges and restrictions in the residence halls but we sincerely admire and appreciate all of our students' resilience and patience. 

Spring 2022 Closing Procedure

All non-graduating students are strongly encouraged to leave for summer break by 9AM the morning after their last class. The last day any non graduating or non summer student may remain in the halls is 9AM, Tuesday, May 24th. 

Graduating students must vacate their rooms by 5PM the day of their graduation.

To fully check out of your space, please follow these instructions:

  1. Remove all your belongings from the room and discard all trash
  2. Make sure all spaces are cleaned to the best of your ability, including vacuumed, wiped down, etc.
  3. Close all windows
  4. Once all belongings have been removed log onto MyFIT
  5. Click on the housing portal
  6. Under the “Assignments” Section click the black button labeled “Begin Express Check Out” and complete all prompted steps
  7. Return your room key to an express checkout box and fill out the information on the envelope
  8. Have a wonderful summer


All students are welcome to bring up to 2 helpers into the residence hall as long as all of the following conditions are met:

  • The helper is fully vaccinated at least 2 weeks prior to their date of arrival on campus
  • The helper is not positive for covid or presently showing covid like symptoms
  • Helpers must wear masks at all times while in the residence halls

Please work to minimize the amount of time helpers are in the residence halls and maintain social distancing when possible. Helpers must be with their students while in the halls.


Carts will be available to students each day from 9AM to 4PM and 6PM to 9PM from May 17 to May 26th. For carts on 27th street please go to the Alumni Workroom and for carts in Kaufman please go to the Kaufman workroom. Outside of these hours carts are not available for student use. 


During business hours please return your key to either the express checkout box in your building’s lobby area or to the Office of Residential Life. After hours please utilize the express checkout box in your building’s lobby. 


Please ensure you retrieve all mail prior to leaving for summer and pick up any packages. Any mail received after move out will be returned to the sender. 


The dining hall closes May 23. Please plan accordingly if you will be staying on campus past that date.