Resident Information

Welcome! Residential Life at FIT is responsible for the overall operation of our four residence halls on campus and fostering unconventional communities. Everything you need to know about living on campus can be found here or your myHousing Portal.


Arriving To Campus

Whether you are moving in for the first time or arriving back from break, we can't wait to see you! Check out our arriving to campus page for the most updated information about coming to the halls!

Departing Campus

We hate to see you go but want you to be ready for the world when you do! Check out our leaving campus page for everything you need to know about moving out of your room, leaving for break, or withdrawing from housing.


Friends or family coming to town? Prepare for their visit with our Visitation Page where you can learn everything you need about registering a guest, no visitation dates, and occupancy limits.

The Resident Handbook

The Resident Handbook serves as a guide for living in FITs Residence Halls. Use this online version of the handbook to quickly lookup anything you may need to know about the residential experience. 


Contact Us

Residential Life

27th and 7th Avenue
(212) 217-3900 for Alumni Hall
(212) 217-3930 for Kaufman Hall

Alumni Hall, First Floor

210 West 27th Street

Kaufman Hall, First Floor

406 West 31st Street
Contact Hours for Both Offices: Monday–Friday, 9 am–5 pm