Visiting Interns FAQ

1. What are the requirements for Visiting interns?

  • Applicant must be 18 years or over (proof of age required)
  • Applicant must have an internship in New York City
  • Must pay for the entire summer housing program
  • Must complete orientation questionnaire with a passing grade

2. When will I know if my summer housing is approved?
You will receive an email within 3 to 5 business days after submitting an application with approval status.

3. How do I pay for housing?
Once approved, you will receive an email within 3 to 5 business days with instructions to pay by credit card. This is the only form of payment that will be accepted. Payment is due in full.

4. I have submitted payment and received confirmation. What is the next step?
Paid applicants will be emailed specific instructions regarding check-in procedures in May.

5. When is check-in?
Check-in for Visiting interns is Monday, May 25, and Tuesday, May 26, 2020 from 10:00AM- 4:00PM.

6. Will I have a roommate(s)?
We recommended requesting a roommate. Applicants without requests will be assigned roommates based on age and gender. 

7. Am I allowed to have an overnight visitor/guest during the summer and is there a fee?
Yes. Summer overnight visitation is limited to eight nights per 30 days not exceeding two consecutive nights.  Residents are charged $10.00 for each overnight guest. Overnight visitors are considered anyone visiting between 12AM-8AM and must be pre-registered and paid. Overnight visitation will begin on May 26.

8. What residence hall is available for Visiting Interns?
Kaufman Hall, 406 West 31st Street (between 9th and 10th avenues), New York, NY 10001

9. Can Visiting Interns pay an additional fee to move in early or stay after the listed dates of stay?
We are not able to accommodate anyone before Monday, May 25 or after Sunday, August 16.

10. Will I be given a refund if I no longer want to stay at FIT?
There are NO REFUNDS for summer housing.

11. If I move in late or move out early, will I be given a lower rate?
Housing rates are not prorated in the summer. Please plan accordingly to take advantage of the contracted dates of stay.

12. What furniture is provided in the apartments/suites?
All suites consist of furnished rooms, kitchen, and private bath. Each apartment has a twin bed, desk, armoire, and chest of drawers for each occupant. You must provide your own kitchen supplies, linens, pillows, and blankets.

13. Is alcohol allowed in the residence halls?
No. FIT is a dry campus. Alcohol and/or drugs are prohibited, including paraphernalia. FIT's residence halls are smoke free.