Housing Application FAQ

These are the questions we receive most often about applying for housing at FIT. Don't see your question? Let us know: [email protected] 

Current/returning students are only able to choose accommodations (quad, triple, double or single apartments) at Kaufman Hall. New/entering students live on 27th Street in Coed, Nagler, or Alumni Hall. See: Residence Halls

FIT reserves the right to change assignments as necessary.

Note: New/entering students are not allowed to choose current/returning students as roommates and vice versa.

Gender inclusive housing refers to rooms where people of any sex or gender identity can room together. See: Gender Inclusive Housing  

Yes, you may update your Gender Inclusive Housing preference as many times as needed until June 24 at noon. After the deadline, you will NOT be able to opt in/out of Gender Inclusive Housing. No exceptions!

Both you and your roommate preferences must opt-in or opt-out. You will not be able to choose each other in roommate selection if you have answered differently to this question.

To check/change your Gender Inclusive Housing choice:

  • Log in to MyHousing.
  • Select Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 term from the drop down menu.
  • On question 4, you may choose to opt in/out of Gender Inclusive Housing.

Yes. Selecting roommate(s) increases the chances of choosing your preferred accommodation. It is to your advantage to have the roommate with the earliest selection date/time choose a room type. Once a room type is selected, all mutually selected roommates will automatically be assigned.

Yes! Students eligible for room selection can use Advanced Roommate Search to find other students seeking roommates. Use of this feature is strongly encouraged as there is an advantage to selecting roommate(s). If you do not choose a roommate, one will randomly be assigned.

Though the system will show you a room number and floor when you select your room, you are only selecting a ROOM TYPE (i.e. double, triple, quad, etc.) and not a specific room or floor.

Final assignments are determined by the college and will not be released until after July 31. Room assignments may change prior to check-in. FIT reserves the right to change or consolidate assignments.  Continue to check your MyHousing for the latest updates to your assignment.

If your “Student” tab is missing upon logging into MyFIT, it is likely because you were a student employee at the college during the academic year. You may still access MyHousing Self-Service for room selection this way:

  • Log in to MyFIT
  • Clicking on "Employee" tab > Online Information System > Residential Life
    This path should take you to MyHousing Self-Service. 

The system will only show available room types that match your number of roommate request(s); therefore, you and your roommate(s) must go back to Roommate Selection and deselect each other as there are still individual spaces available. Remember: you may not be able to choose your preferred room type with your roommate request(s); therefore, it advisable to have another room type preference as a back up.

You will be assigned and billed based upon availability. Once assigned/billed, you are financially obligated to the college for these charges regardless of preferred accommodation. It is strongly advised that you log in and select a room type during your assigned selection date/time.

Though housing contracts are binding for one full academic year, confirmed applicants will be billed for one semester at a time.  Housing charges for fall will be posted to student's FIT account after room selection in June; spring charges will be posted to their account in November.