Support for Student's After Friday's Shelter-In-Place Incident

Student Success will be coordinating student community counseling sessions facilitated by a counselor from the Counseling Center in conjunction with Student Success educators. During these sessions students will have the opportunity to openly process their experiences and feelings regarding the Shelter-in-Place that took place on Friday, April 5.

These sessions are geared to provide support, guidance and a way to find comfort among other members of our community.  Sessions are open to all FIT students.   

Sessions will be taking place concurrently at two different locations. Walk-ins are encouraged and no RSVP is necessary. 


Dubinksy Student Center, Room A721

Nagler Residence Hall, Workroom 


Monday, April 8:  5 pm

Tuesday, April 9:   12 pm, 1 pm, 4 pm

Wednesday, April 10:  12 pm, 5 pm

Thursday, April 11:  12 pm, 1 pm, 4 pm

Friday, April 10:  12pm

Additionally, here are some ways to cope in the aftermath of this incident:

Find someone to talk with  about the incident, but don’t spend all your time dwelling on this. The Counseling Center (Dubinsky Center, Room A212B, right next to Financial Aid, 212-217-4260) is here for you.   

Be clear with the facts of the case. Dispel any rumors or misconceptions and turn off your social media alerts on this incident. There is no need to keep viewing. This may in fact make you feel worse. Now that you know the facts, you can go on with other parts of your life.

Self-Monitor and keep an eye on your friends.  These are the signs of trauma:

  • Anxiety
  • Panic symptoms such as shakiness, heart palpitations, being sweaty, difficulty breathing, a sense of dread or feeling like you are “going nuts”
  • Re-living the situation
  • Nightmares

It is NORMAL to have these feelings following a safety threat .  Most of you will feel better as time goes on.  If these feelings persist after a month, then please seek help.

Go on with your normal routines . It is important for you to go back to your regular schedules.  This creates a sense of normalcy and safety.