Shelter-In-Place Incident

Monday, April 8, 2019

On Friday, April 5, FIT Public Safety notified the New York Police Department that a student and faculty member had reported a social media post by a student with what appeared to be a gun.

NYPD immediately authorized that all those on campus shelter in place. This was announced through FIT Alert and the college’s public address system at approximately 6pm.

Police arrived on campus, which remained on lockdown until the individual—confirmed to be an FIT student—was identified and apprehended at a Barnes and Noble location in Union Square. It has been confirmed that he had a pellet gun and was arrested on a number of charges related to the incident on campus.

During this time, FIT responded to media inquiries and prepared information to release to the community, with NYPD concurrence. Officers remained on campus until they were certain that there were no other individuals of concern and the shelter in place was lifted by approximately 7pm. The NYPD took this situation very seriously—as did our community—and the college is grateful for their response.

As of Monday, April 8, the student remains in custody. FIT Public Safety is in close contact with the NYPD and will be kept apprised of the student’s status. In the event that the student is released on bail, Public Safety will be notified and will remain on alert, informing the NYPD immediately if the individual is observed in the vicinity of the college.

FIT administrators have continued to respond to individual community queries. Other activities in the aftermath of the incident include the following:

Student Counseling Services
Enrollment Management and Student Success has organized group counseling sessions starting Monday in rooms on the seventh floor of the Dubinsky Center. Counselors and Student Affairs personnel will be available to assist and support students. Details may be found here.

Employee Assistance Program Services
The FIT/UCE EAP is available to employees on Monday and Thursday (9am-3pm), Tuesday (10am-3pm), and Wednesday (9am-1pm) in Room A608D. Evening hours have been added this week on Monday and Tuesday (5-6pm). Messages are checked daily, including weekends, and all calls are returned within 24 hours. The phone number is (212) 217-5600.

Discussion Guidelines for Faculty
The Counseling Center has prepared a discussion guide for faculty and others who may want suggestions for responding to student concerns and questions. Log in to MyFIT and look under Recently Posted Items to view the guide.

Community Conversations
President Brown will host several college-wide conversations with a shelter-in-place presentation for all employees and students on:
Tuesday, April 9: Noon-1pm—Haft Theater 
Thursday, April 11 Noon to 1pm—Katie Murphy Amphitheatre 
Thursday, April 11—5:30 pm—Katie Murphy Amphitheatre (to accommodate adjunct faculty)

Ongoing Security Education
FIT offers various opportunities to learn about the college’s efforts to ensure safety and to enhance our own awareness of how to prepare for and respond in an emergency situation. In the coming days, an update schedule of ongoing security workshops and tutorials will be distributed. Additionally, the community should always stay updated on general safety and security information: Campus Safety and Security

FIT Alert
This is a reminder that students and employees should register with FIT Alert to receive urgent messages from FIT. There are multiple options from which to select in order to receive notices, regardless of where you may be. Students may also register family members to receive communications. You may sign up and check alert platforms by logging in to MyFIT and clicking on FIT Alert in the navigation.

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