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Pay-for-Print System

In this section:

Pay-for-Print system

In the open Computer Commons Labs (Feldman Center, CC15 and CC15A), and the Library, there is per-page charge for printing. Print release stations set up in these areas deduct payment from your online account. Black and white laser printing is $0.10, and color printing is $0.90 per page (same price for 8.5x11" and 11x17").

Printing is free during the classes held in computer classrooms.

How to Add Money to Your Printing Account

Students, staff, and faculty may add funds directly to their school issued FIT ID cards. Visitors may add funds to their Guest ID cards issued at the Research Services (Reference) desk. There are 2 methods of adding money to your account for printing:

  • You can use the PHiL stations to add cash (see below for details).
  • Add money using debit/credit card online via the Campus Card eAccounts portal (see below for details). 
Checking Your Account Balance
  • You can check the balance on PHiL station 
  • Each time you swipe your ID card in the print release station you will see your balance in the lower left hand corner of the screen.
  • This information is also available on the eAccounts online portal.
Cash Deposit using PHIL Station

The PHiL machine will accept $1, $5, $10 & $20 bills; Machine does not give change; Coins are not accepted. 

There are 2 locations that have PHiL stations (Payment Headquarters in Location) for students, staff, faculty, and visitors to add cash funds to their online printing accounts.:

  • Library Goodman Center, 5th floor
  • CC15 College-wide open lab

There is no money on your actual ID card, only in your online printing account, so if your card should be lost or stolen, you will not lose any funds. That means that unless someone has your ID card, username and password, they will be unable to charge printing to your account.

Deposit Online through eAccounts

The eAccounts portal services students,staff, faculty, and visitors. Students, staff, faculty, and visitors may access the eAccounts portal by following this link: eAccounts (https://fit-sp.blackboard.com/eAccounts/ ).  Alternatively students, staff and faculty may access the Campus Card eAccounts portal by  logging onto MyFIT and clicking on the "FIT Campus Card" link. Step by step instructions can be found in this EAccount User Guide 10-2-12.pdf .

 eAccounts FIT member log in screen

  • Guest Card users should press "Make a guest deposit" button at the bottom of the page. 

eAccounts guest deposit button img

  • FIT Community memebers can use the Guest deposit option if Student or Staff portals are unavailable, they should use their First and Last name and enter FIT ID# without the @ symbol
  • Guest Card users instead of the individual's name provide the following credentials:

    • Enter "Library" for the first name
    • Enter "Card" for the last name
    • Enter the Guest Card number (written on the front of the card) in the "Student ID Number" field.
    eAccounts guest deposit credentials
  • FIT community members can use "Guest Deposit" option when Student, Faculty or Staff parts of the portal are unavailable. Required credentials to be provided in respective fields:
      • Your First Name
      • Your Last Name
      • Your FIT Student/Employee number; Skip "@" when entering "Student ID Number".

Printing Tips and Troubleshooting

Prepare carefully before printing because you will be charged for all print jobs.  A few simple resource-saving techniques:

  • Save your work to your desktop DO NOT print from your N: drive.
  • Don't print out email unless absolutely necessary.
  • If you must print email, copy-and-paste several messages into a Word file to reduce the number of pages you need to print. You should do this for working with Web-based information, too.
  • Use printer-friendly options available on some websites to eliminate unnecessary parts of the page (ex. ads, frames).
  • Familiarize yourself with the print-preview feature options, this will allow you to adjust margins, print more than one page on a sheet (Note: they will come out much smaller), select only the pages you wish to print, etc.
  • Proofread and spell-check before printing.
  • Use the print preview feature before printing.
  • If you need to reprint a document, only print those pages that have been changed, instead of the entire document.
  • If your print job does not print immediately, do not send it to the printer again without checking the print release station because it may still be waiting in the print queue.
  • Remember to log out of your account before you leave the lab.
Canceling Print Jobs

A print job cannot be cancelled.  Print jobs are not released until after you have entered your network password at the print release station and selected which jobs you wish to release. Jobs that have not been released within 10 hours of being sent to the printer queue will be deleted from the printer queue.

Printer Malfunction

We make every effort to keep the printers in good working order; however, you may receive pages that are of poor quality due to low toner or other printer malfunctions. Please inform the technician/lab monitor on duty, who will submit a refund for you which in turn will be credited to your account.

These printers are set-up for business quality printing and should be used for draft quality color printing. Any special printing and portfolio-quality printing should be done in PrintFX located in D529.

Printers are calibrated for specific type of paper, and under NO circumstances different paper or any other materials should be placed into the printers. These objects may jam and damage the printer's inner components.

Student Responsibility

It is your responsibility to guard your user ID and password. We will not reimburse you for any charges made to your account by another student. If you think another student is using your user ID and password, please contact the IT for FIT Help Desk. 

Reviewed: 01/2018