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CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19): Classes and employee work have been moved to online and remote environments.   Read more details at fitnyc.edu/coronavirus

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Services for Students

While the Library is operating remotely for the remainder of the Spring 2020 semester, contact us through Ask The Library (chat/email/text) with questions about any of our services or resources.

The faculty and staff at the FIT Library are student-centered and focused on your success. Here are some of the services, materials, and spaces we offer:
For all FIT students | For FIT graduate students

Of course if you don't see what you need listed here, ask us! 

Students in the Graduate Studies programs at FIT, like graduate students everywhere, will want and need to go beyond the walls of the physical library to conduct their research. Here are some services of special interest to our grad students, but which are available to all current FIT students and employees.

Discovering other books on your selected topic: Search WorldCat which lists books and other format materials available in libraries (especially college and university libraries) around the world. If FIT Library owns the item, it will also be listed there, but if we don't have it:

 Finding/seeing theses of other graduate students:

Scholarly and peer-reviewed journals

  • Many of the databases we make available to our students include peer-reviewed journals. See the list of all scholarly journal databases or choose ones that specialize in your discipline.
  • If you have a citation and want to know if you can access the full-text of the article through one of the FIT Library's databases (or to see if we have a print copy of the magazine/newspaper/journal), use Journal Search.
  • If we don't have the item, you can request it through ILL (InterLibrary Loan)  or visit another library that has it
  • Google Scholar is another great resource for finding scholarly material on any topic. Although it will help you identify relevant articles, papers, proceedings etc. not everything will link to a full-text version of the item. Increase your success getting what you need by setting preferences to include FIT and other libraries you are connected to.
  • Don't forget to check the databases of other institutions where you maintain an affiliation. For example, some universities have select databases available remotely for their alumni. Public library systems you are connected to may also have databases that supplement what you can use through FIT Library.

  Research source and citation management

Ask the Library!  We can help you with any stage of your research, from beginning to explore a prospective topic, through identifying and locating materials, to documenting your sources in the appropriate format.  Contact us in person, or email, text or chat with us 

Are you a graduate student at another school who's interested in the collections of the FIT Library?
Are you a graduate of FIT (alumni) who wants information on visiting the FIT Library?