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Borrowing Materials

The following groups may Borrow Material in General Circulation for home use:

  • Faculty, credit seeking students, staff, administrators, and Senior Learners with valid FIT ID cards
  • Faculty, students with valid ID from other SUNY institutions

Visitor Information for:

You must present a current FIT ID or SUNY photo ID in order to check out or renew books. There are no exceptions.

Students may borrow material for only the semester they are registered for. For example, a student is registered for the Fall Semester, loan privileges will end at the end of the Fall Semester. For example, a student is registered in the Spring Semester, but has not registered for Summer OR for Fall, students may not borrow material during the Summer.

The following groups may Borrow Materials from Service Desks for Library Use Only with a Valid ID card:

  • FIT Alumni
  • FIT Models
  • Visitors to the Library
  • Fragrance Foundation Members
  • Contractors
  • Non-Credit Students including:  High School Students, Saturday Live Students, Summer Live Students, EOP Students & other Pre-College Program Students, Non-credit School of Continuing & Professional Studies Students (formerly "Seminar Students")

Acceptable IDs

  • Drivers License (not expired)
  • FIT Alumni Card plus another valid ID
  • Any current ID from another school, college or university
  • Government Issued ID cards
  • Public Library card with name & address

Unacceptable IDs

  • FIT schedule of classes
  • FIT Bursar's receipt
  • Social Security card
  • Passport
  • Keys
  • Club membership card, Business card
  • Bank and/or Credit cards
  • Public Library card without name & address (i.e. barcoded)
  • Anything else that is not listed under "Acceptable"