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Steven Zucker, PhD

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Office Location: Business and Liberal Arts Center, Room B634
Email: [email protected]

Formerly Associate Professor and Chair of the History of Art department, Steven Zucker then served as Dean of FIT’s School of Graduate Studies. From 2010 - 2011 Zucker was Chair of the Department of Art and Design History at Pratt Institute, and then Dean of Art and History at Khan Academy (where he is now Emeritus). Dr. Zucker is currently Executive Director at Smarthistory which he founded with Beth Harris. Together, they have received grants from the National Endowment of Humanities, the Terra Foundation for American Art, the Alice L. Walton Foundation, the Macauley Family Foundation, and the Samuel H. Kress Foundation. Notably, a recent Kress Foundation grant is aiding early–career art historians impacted by COVID–19. They were also the guests of honor and spoke at Christie’s fall 2019 Modern and Contemporary Sale. On May 3, 2020, the Washington Post published an interview with Harris and Zucker.


BA, Bard College
MA, Hunter College, City University of New York
MPhil, Graduate Center, City University of New York
PhD, Graduate Center, City University of New York 


  • HA 111 – History of Western Art and Civilization: Ancient to Renaissance
  • HA 112 – History of Western Art and Civilization: Renaissance to the Modern Era
  • HA 213 – Rome: A Cultural History in Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture
  • HA 214 – Art in New York
  • HA 231 – Modern Art
  • HA 331 – Contemporary Art and Culture: 1945 to the Present
  • HA 332 – Modern Architecture
  • HA 394 – History of New York Architecture (Honors)