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Tuition & Fees

2018-2019 Graduate Tuition 

Tuition rates are listed below. Tuition for part-time programs is calculated on a per credit rate.

Tuition rates for international students are the same as for out-of-state students. Per credit rates apply to Winter and Summer semesters as well as any semester where course load is equal to less than 9 credit hours. 

For complete details on current tuition rates and fees, please visit the Bursar's Tuition and Fees pages.

  New York State Resident (Per Semester)

Non-Resident (Per Semester)



Full-time Tuition (9+ credits)

$5771.00 $11,793.00
Part-time (per credit) $481.00 $983.00
Full-time Tuition (9+ credits)

$434.75 per semester


Per credit fees: $24.21

Per semester fees: $80.00