Student-Faculty Communication and Classroom Dialogue

This year’s topic is Student-Faculty Communication and Classroom Dialogue.

November 30, 2017

Student-Faculty Roundtables Questions

  1. Outside of class time, how do you prefer to communicate with your professor (in-person, email, Blackboard, text, etc.?) Please explain.
  2. Do you communicate with your professor via social media? What are the benefits and challenges?
  3. How long should you wait for your professor to respond to you via email?
  4. Do you use faculty office hours? Please explain your answer.
  5. Does your professor use Hangouts or other conferencing systems? Do you find this experience effective?
  6. Which methods do you feel work best for communicating assignments? (Examples: Written directions, oral explanations, web posts, a combination of methods, etc.)
  7. How do the best professors guide classroom discussions?
  8. If you have taken an online course, please compare communication/discussion with your online professor to your face to face professor. What were the differences? What were the benefits/disadvantages of the two systems?

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