Philippa Lindenthal FDGA 2016

My research focus is on the value and implementation of Music in the Phases of Inspiration, Creation, Presentation and Distribution of Fashion. Subjects will include the creative director for DIOR, Raf Simons, who played electronic music loudly in the Atelier of Directrices as part of the creative process; Simons also implemented music during a fashion show at JIL SANDER, blending Hitchcock’s film music with electronic music and thereby creating new contexts and elements of style. The collaboration of two artists in different media will be investigated in the DJ collaborations of Stefano Pilati for Yves Saint Laurent and the Belgian Designer Ann Demeulemeester’s longtime collaboration with Patti Smith.

I will also explore how the different aspects of fashion, like inspiration, color concepts, and look can be communicated with music into the stores. My goal is to highlight values in Fashion. Haptics, the structure of Stofjlichkeit, and the analysis of compositions in music and fashion can be explored. This research will also compare aspects of music in fashion shows in the mid 20th century, where the audience was more limited and music did not have a crucial part, to current days when the newest trends are instantly communicated to everybody. Whereas once exclusiveness was the norm through selective personal invitation and more time-intense development phases, the integration of social media like Instagram asks for new concepts.

Before I came to FIT I held several lectures on new ways of Fashion Design Presentations and Music at the JAK Academy and the Academy Fashion Design in Hamburg.

The Data expected to be generated can be used for a presentation at FIT. During the process of this Project I seek publishing and speaking opportunities. I hope to speak at a conference in Berlin and at IFFTI. Global Development – It offers possibilities for further collaboration.