Student/Faculty Tech Roundtables

These new events, funded by the Student-Faculty Corporation, will promote student/faculty dialogue on the role of technology in teaching and learning. Topics will include the usefulness of social web sites, online learning, Angel and what makes an effective Power point presentation. 


Audio: Student Faculty Tech Roundtable 2009.11.17

Student/Faculty Tech Roundtable

Tuesday November, 17 2009

Group Discussion Questions

  1. Do you know as much about technology as your professor thinks you know? Please explain.
  2. How do you feel about your professor using your social technology in the classroom? Examples include Face Book, MySpace, Twitter and blogs.
  3. How long should it take for faculty to answer your emails?
  4. How often should students check email from their professors? Why?
  5. If you are in a class that uses Angel, please describe your experience.
  6. If you are taking an online class, describe your best online learning experience. Please indicate the tools or technology that were used.
  7. What do you do if you don’t know all of the technology that is being used in your class?
  8. Describe what you like and don’t like about PowerPoint presentations.
  9. If other students are texting, emailing and browsing, how does this affect your classroom experience?
  10. Describe a good classroom policy with regard to cell phones, Blackberries, laptops etc.