Student/Faculty Advisement Roundtables

Student/Faculty Roundtable Luncheons, funded by the Student-Faculty Corporation, promote student/faculty dialog about "hot topics" on today's college campus. Participants have the opportunity to discuss Advisement, Grading and Homework with other students and faculty.

Listen to audio from these events:
March 15, 2011 Running time: 33 minutes
Click here to listen.
November 16, 2010 Running time: 23 minutes
Click here to listen.

Discussion Questions

1. Where do you go when you have a question about advisement, including questions about DARS, pre-requisites and Liberal Arts requirements?
2. Please describe your most positive advisement experience.
3. What suggestions would you make for improving Advisement in your department?
4. If applicable, describe your experience in obtaining transfer credit from another department, college or foreign country?


5. Give examples of what you feel are helpful instructions for homework assignments.
6. What kind of homework assignments do you dislike?
7. Do you prefer homework assignments that are delivered in hard copy, via email or Angel or assigned in class? Why?


8. What should a teacher tell you about his/her grading policies at the beginning of the semester?
9. What are sensible policies with regard to re-doing an assignment for a better grade?
10. Do you know what a rubric is? If you've had a teacher who used a rubric, what were your experiences?