Academic Integrity, Intellectual Property & Plagiarism


Student-Faculty 2014-2015: 

Listen to student presentations November 4th 2014 in response to the roundtable questions

CET Roundtables 2014 Video

Academic Integrity, November 4th 2014, Transcript (download)


Listen to student presentations April 23rd 2015 in response to the roundtable questions

CET Roudntables 2015 Video

Academic Integrity, April 23rd 2015, Transcript (download)

Roundtable Questions

  1. What is FIT's academic integrity policy?
  2. How does this policy affect your work as a student?
  3. What is meant by academic integrity?
  4. What are your responsibilities as a student?
  5. What are the special challenges to research on the web?
  6. How do authors or creators protect their work?
  7. Where can students find guidance on issues of intellectual property and plagiarism?
  8. What do you know about Creative Commons?
  9. How can I be sure that work I am sharing online is free of intellectual property issues?