Reflective Teaching Portfolio

The Reflective Teaching Portfolio is an ongoing and reflective journal of a faculty member's evolution as a teacher. A valuable and widely recognized professional development tool, it includes a statement of teaching philosophy, responsibilities and goals, as well as key evidence showing how these goals are being reached. 

Presented by Paul King, Associate Professor of Architectural Technology, CUNY, for a demonstration, as well as exploration, of the teaching portfolio's potential.

Group at Reflective Teaching Event


  • Introductions
  • Activity 1 - Warm Up - I teach because...
  • Activity 1a - Philosophy
  • Activity 1b - Methodology
  • Activity 1c - Methodology
  • Activity 2 - Group Brainstorming & Presentations & Discussions
  • PowerPoint - Lecture Wrap-Up

Download Resources (PDF)

Teaching_Portfolio_Workshop 2014_00912_FIT

Writing in Pairs Q & A - Activity 1A - Philosophy PDF

Writing in Pairs Q & A - Activity 1B - Methodology PDF

Writing in Pairs Q & A - Activity 1C - Effectiveness PDF

Exit Survey

Group Presentations

Sample Teaching Portfolios

Reflective Teaching Portfolio Template for use with the Teaching with Technology

Portfolios that reference technology