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Global MosaicThe CET seeks to provide faculty development resources to partner faculty abroad.  Examples of the resources you will find on the CET site include: templates for building a course syllabus, a glossary of commonly used teaching terms, information on teaching theory, videos of master teachers in the classroom and technology tutorials---to name a few. 

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FIT International Programs web page.

CET Tips for Blackboard Use. webinar by Jeffrey Riman as presented to FIT-SUNY Korea, Sep 5th, 2019

Tips for Teaching webinar by Elaine Maldonado as presented to FIT-SUNY Korea, August 29th, 2019

Beyond the Bamboo Canvas

SUNY IITG grant, 2017-18, Beyond the Bambo Canvas: Innovative Instruction for a Globalized Classroom. 
Kyunghee Pyun and Elaine Maldonado 

Couture Korea at the Asian Art Museum. A CET event supported by a 2017-18 SUNY-IITG grant directed by Professors Kyunghee Pyun and Elaine Maldonado. Held synchronously with The Asian Art Museum in San Francisco and FIT on November 13, 2017.


Conference Event: Beyond the Bamboo Canvas: Innovative Instruction for a Globalized Classroom.
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