CET Calendar of Events

Open Sessions: Teaching, Technology,  Strategies and Solutions Live in the CET

Join CET Coordinator Prof Jeffrey Riman and your colleagues share challenges, discuss solutions and innovative ideas to bring to your classrooms. Sessions may include in-person hands-on demonstrations.  These sessions are informal and do not require an RSVP. Add it to your calendar and join us whenever you can.  Fridays 10-11:30 am in
Room B 502
on Sept 9, Sept 23, Oct 21, Nov 4, Nov 18, and Dec 2.  Add to Calendar

Spotlight: experts talk {equitable} writing & speaking pedagogy

October 13  and  November 3. 
RSVP t o:  [email protected]
Featured Faculty: 

Lolita Alford, Advertising & Marketing Communications
Nurhayat Bilge, English & Communication Studies
Delphine Horvath, Cosmetics & Fragrance Marketing
Meg Joseph, Global Fashion Management
Marie Lorenz, Fine Arts
Paul Melton, Art Market Studies

Future Events

Faculty-Student Roundtables

The other side of the assignment.  
Details to be updated. March 9, 2023 Noon - 2 pm Save the date

Adjunct Summer Institute: Save the date

June 1, 2023 10 am - 4 pm Save the date

Past Events

Teaching With and Without Technology Certificate Program

August 17 & 18, 10am - Noon.  Space is limited use this link to register.
Please join CET Coordinator, Jeffrey Riman, and special guests for a two-day certificate program that will explore how teaching with and without technology can improve classroom engagement. Explore and evaluate a wide spectrum of technologies and their analog counterparts.  Attendees who complete both workshops and create a reflective teaching portfolio will receive a certificate of completion. To attend you must be comfortable with basic computer use. Please register to attend. Workshop Outcomes. 

  • Demonstrate greater skills and awareness of teaching with/without technology.
  • Identify appropriate technologies and strategies for the learning space.
  • Improve student engagement and retention
  • Assess self-growth with regard to teaching with technology. 

It’s Your First Day of Class

August 25, 1-3 pm
Please join CET Coordinator Jeffrey Riman and Katelyn Prager,  English and Communication Studies for this session designed to launch the Fall 2022 semester.  Topics include; Tips on teaching, preparation and planning for your first day and beyond,  creating a syllabus, and innovative ideas for getting the semester off to a great start!  It’s Your First Day of Class! is a “must” for new and returning faculty. This is an online event, please join 5 minutes prior to start. 
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Create a Digital Syllabus: 30-minute hands-on workshop

August 24, Noon-12:30 pm (add to calendar) August 26, 10:00 am-10:30 am (add to calendar)
The course syllabus is an essential part of every course that provides students with the information they need to understand the course, its policies, and outcomes. Concourse is a tool to create and manage course syllabi that includes the most up-to-date information and resources for you and your students. Join a 30-minute workshop to get started. 
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Adjunct Summer Institute: Save the date
June 1, 2023 10 am - 4 pm

For more resources visit the CET Recordings page for recorded sessions and related resources. For information on past events please visit our Events page where you will find information, resources and more.