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Faculty Research Space

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FIT's Faculty Research Space is an interdisciplinary lab space intended to foster work across schools, and support a commitment to technology, innovation, and exploration, along with research and development. Faculty can explore on their own, collaborate, and/or bring students into the lab for demonstrations. 

The FRS is designed to give faculty members the opportunity to:

  • explore and assess new technologies;
  • experiment and engage with new materials;
  • determine technology's potential for pedagogical purposes or for development of new areas of scholarship and research; and
  • have a dedicated space to meet and work collaboratively on new initiatives, research, and scholarship.

The FRS is staffed by qualified IT personnel.



Please join us for *no experience necessary* emerging technology related workshops, scheduled over the course of the Spring 2021 semester by the Faculty Research Space team. These workshops will all be conducted remotely via Google Meet. Our current workshop offerings include:

Interactive Storytelling with Twine / Thu 18th Mar 5pm

Join us to learn the basics of interactive narrative construction with the open source tool, Twine. We will create branching narratives, variables, and conditional logic for you to build a web-based interactive non-linear story.

Sign up here:

Interactive Storytelling with Twine

Thursday 18th March at 5pm


3D Modeling and Printing with TinkerCAD / Wed 23rd Mar 1pm

Join us to learn how to use a free online CAD platform called TinkerCAD. We will use TinkerCAD to build 3-dimensional objects that will then be 3D printed. This workflow is used in many industries for rapid-prototyping. For those interested, we can mail out the 3D printed objects you have modeled to you.


Sign up here:

3D Modeling and Printing with TinkerCAD

Tuesday 23rd March at 1pm


Vacuum Forming and Molding / Wed 24th Mar 1pm

Join us to learn about making molds - using 3D Printing and Vacuum Forming.  Using a 3D printer and vacuum former, you will make a custom mold form that we will use to make soap. We will mail out your custom mold and soap, if interested.

Sign up here:

Vacuum Forming and Molding

Wednesday 24th March at 1pm


3D Scanning using Trnio / Tue 6th Apr 11am

Join us to explore an app called Trnio used to scan physical 3 dimensional objects. This will produce a 3D model that can be used for 3D printing, design, & more.  We will upload, share, and fine-tune our scans on the popular 3D modeling website/platform SketchFab.

Sign up here:

3D Scanning with Trnio

Tuesday April 6th at 11am


Laser Cutting with Vector Graphics / Thu 8th Apr 1pm

Join us to learn the fundamentals of using vector graphics for laser cutting. Using Adobe Illustrator we will prepare artwork that can be used by our large format laser cutter on numerous different materials - wood, acrylic, cardboard, and leather. Very basic Adobe Illustrator skills required to create the artwork - or you can follow along with our instructor if you do not use Illustrator. For those interested we will mail out the laser cut artwork to attendees.

Sign up here: 

Laser Cutting with Vector Graphics

Thursday 8th April at 1pm


Arduino Powered Product Prototyping / Tue 13th Oct 1pm

Join us for an introduction to the Circuit Playground Express and it’s built in functionalities as you learn how to create a small, light responsive lamp. Using a visual programming interface called MakeCode, we will explore the interactive components of the CPExpress including a light sensor, a microphone, and a temperature sensor. We will mail out an Adafruit Circuit Playground express and 3D printed case to each attendee prior to the workshop. 

Sign up here:

Arduino Powered Product Prototyping

Wednesday 14th April at 1pm

Please note RSVP is required. 


Share your ideas on emerging technology we should evaluate:

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