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Accepting Awards

If you were awarded for the academic year, your aid will be displayed in the FIT Portal with an option for you to accept or decline these awards in order for them to become available to you. Any grants or scholarships that you were awarded to you will be pre-accepted, therefore, you won't see a box to accept or decline these awards. You will be able to accept or decline online any loans or work-study awarded to you. If you do not accept your loans, these funds will not be credited toward your FIT account. If you would like to decrease the amount of your loan or federal work study, you may do that one time online. Subsequent changes will need to be made in writing with Financial Aid Services. Federal Work-Study is a job and you will be paid directly for the actual hours you work, therefore it cannot be credited to your FIT account.

Accepting your loans and work study awards is a multi-step process, from viewing your awards and Cost of Attendance (COA), to reading and accepting the Award Terms and Conditions associated with your awards, and then accepting your awards. Log on to the FIT portal at myfit.fitnyc.edu and do the following:

  • Go to the FIT Applicant or Student Tab
  • Go to the Financial Aid Resources box on the right hand side, click on Click on Go To My FIT Financial Aid Checklist
  • Click on Award by Aid Year
  • On the drop down menu choose the appropriate Academic Year
  • On the General Information tab, you will see the Financial Aid Checklist.
    • Go to Financial Aid Processing Status.
    • Go to Step 5
  • Click on Must Accept Terms and Conditions
    • Click on the link which will bring you to the Award Terms and Conditions. Please read this carefully.
    • Close the Terms and Conditions PDF file.
    • Click on "Accept" which indicates that you have read the Award Terms and Conditions. You must do this step in order to proceed to the Accept Award Offer tab. At this step only grant monies have been accepted.
  • Once you have accepted your Award Terms and Conditions, if you are interested in accepting your Federal Work Study or Federal Loans,  you must click on the Accept Award Offer tab to accept these awards. If you do not want to accept your Federal Work Study and/or Loans, you should decline them on this same page.  

Accepting and/or declining your financial aid awards online will make your decision final..  If you wish to make changes after you finish this step online, then you must make your request in writing and sent it to Financial Aid Services at 227 West 27th Street, Room A212A, New York, NY 10001-5992, or fax it at (212) 217-3561, or  you may email (only your FIT email will be accepted) to [email protected]

You must report the following to Financial Aid Services:

  1. if you drop from full-time to part-time (less that 12 credits)
  2. if you drop below part-time (less than 6 credits)
  3. if you have received or have been offered a scholarship

You will be notified via FIT email of any adjustments of your awards. You may contact Financial Services at 212 217.3560 for more information.