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Faculty Emeriti

Alan Fishman, BFA - Professor Emeritus of Fine Arts 1968-1991 

Barry S. Ginsburg, BA, MA, EdD - Professor Emeritus of Science and Mathematics 1956-1992

Newton Godnick, BS, MS - Professor Emeritus of Fashion Buying and Merchandising 1963-1992

Hilde W. Jaffe, AAS, BA - Professor Emerita of Fashion Design 1959-1992

Richard J. Meagher, BA, MA, EdD - Dean Emeritus for Continuing Education 1965-1994

Arthur A. Winters, BA, MBA, EdD - Professor Emeritus of Advertising and Marketing Communications, 1959-1992

Irene Buchman, BA, MA, EdD - Professor Emeritus of Presidential Scholars and Educational Skills, 1973-2015 

Arthur H. Kopelman, BA, MPhil, PhD - Professor Emeritus of Science and Math