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Each year, our department produces more than 100 publications for many units of the college.

Print materials support recruitment and registration activities, communicate the college's programs and policies, promote programming and special events, and provide general institutional information. Each publication is created through a collaborative effort between Communications and External Relations and the respective academic and administrative department(s).

We have extensive resources to support the publications process, such as writers, editors, photographers, designers, and recommended printing and mailing vendors. We also provide resources to aid departments in self-producing certain types of publications.


To meet the ongoing needs of the FIT community, Communications and External Relations produces many publications on a recurring basis. These publications are funded by the Communications and External Relations budget and are created throughout the calendar year. In addition, during the budget planning cycle each year, new initiatives are identified by faculty, chairs, directors, deans, and vice presidents. Funds to create a new publication can be requested from the centrally allocated marketing budget.

The first step in initiating a centrally funded publication is to meet with us to scope out the project and determine the level of funding needed to meet your goals. Funding for new projects should be discussed in the fiscal year before the project will occur. The request then goes to the dean or vice president of your unit. Once funding has been secured, you will begin the publications process.


If you have funds available and need the office to produce the project, publications can also be produced using your department or project budget.

Self-Produced Publications

There are a variety of publications that departments are authorized to create on their own. Projects that are appropriate for units to self-produce include:

  • fliers for distribution on the FIT campus
  • one-time event signage
  • forms for internal college use
  • fact sheets
  • simple brochures for events limited to the FIT community

Note: Fliers for bulletin boards must be approved by Student Life before posting.