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Communications and External Relations coordinates all campus photography for use in media releases, Hue magazine, the FIT website, college publications, and as a photographic archive of the major events and activities that take place at FIT. The photography archives in Communications and External Relations consist of the following categories: 

  • general images of the campus
  • faculty teaching in classrooms
  • students in academic settings
  • student life activities
  • classrooms, labs, studios, and campus facilities
  • student artwork
  • special events

If you are interested in viewing the photo archives or are looking for a specific image, contact us.

Photographer Requests

Communications and External Relations photographs most major college events. If your department is scheduling an activity that you want photographed, you can contact the office to determine if we plan to photograph the event; if not, the office can provide a referral to a photographer, who will be paid by your department. We maintain a list of freelancers and can provide you with a referral.

It is recommended that you contact the photographer at least one week prior to the event and that you receive approval from your departmental supervisor when appropriate. When hiring a photographer use the following checklist to ensure that the assignment is clear.

Photograph Request Checklist 

  • Provide the photographer with the complete name, date, time, and location of event in writing.
  • Discuss the logistics of the shoot prior to the event, such as details about special lighting needs.
  • Provide the name and phone number of a contact at the event that the photographer can meet.
  • Assign someone to work with the photographer at the event to identify specific photos you need.
  • Make sure you collect names of key individuals you photograph when the picture is taken.
  • Discuss and confirm photographer rates prior to the event.

Photographic Rights

FIT has contracted with our freelance photographers to have unlimited rights to use their photographs in any college publication, FIT website, or in email communication. Fees for use in college advertising must be negotiated separately through the office of College Relations. These photographs may not be redistributed or resold in any manner.

Please credit the photographer whenever using the photograph in a publication or website: Photograph by NAME for FIT.