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Government & Community Relations

Government and Community Relations functions as the liaison between the college and federal, state, and city governments. It also works with the local community and our various constituencies to build and expand relationships, find opportunities for collaboration, and represent the college in its role as one of the major non-profits in the Chelsea neighborhood. Government and Community Relations provides advocacy, outreach, and research efforts for the college to and about the federal, state, and local governments and to the various communities of which FIT is a member.

One of the office's main tasks is to represent the college to elected officials in the advocacy process, both on policy and budget matters. The office advocates for the college with city, state, and federal officials and agencies to advance broad higher education goals, as well as SUNY and college-specific goals ranging from national funding formulas to local zoning review processes. A significant element of government advocacy is the annual effort to secure government funding for FIT.

Government and Community Relations also works to raise awareness of the colleges strengths and significance with all members of government, as well as key staff, and to prepare ground for future advocacy.

Another important area of responsibility is working with community groups, constituencies, and individual community members to find shared opportunities for partnership and collaboration, including on issues affecting the Chelsea neighborhood.

In the area of research, the office works to enhance understanding of existing or arising issues that may affect the college, both in the local community and on governmental agendas.

Government and Community Relations is responsible for keeping neighbors informed of street closings, outdoor concerts, events on West 27th Street, and campus renovation and construction projects. The office also shares information about educational and cultural offerings open to the public.

FIT employees, contact us if you want to:

  • apply for funding from a government official or agency for a specific program or piece of equipment
  • contact SUNY System Administration regarding governmental matters
  • work with a local community group or organization
  • inform local community groups or organizations of events at the college
  • plan an activity which will require West 27th Street to be closed to through traffic
  • plan an activity which will involve loud music or a loud public address system on West 27th Street

Chelsea neighbors, contact us if you want to: 

  • discuss opportunities for partnership and collaboration with FIT
  • speak to an FIT representative about community issues

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