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Diversity Stamp of Support

Help promote diversity at FIT and take advantage of the Diversity Council's Stamp of Support. When you or your club/group plan an event or project that fosters inclusion and diversity or otherwise reflects the Diversity Council's mission we will help you get the word out. We will:

  • put our Stamp of Support* on the materials promoting your event or project and post it on the Council's website for the entire FIT community;
  • include your event on the council's campus-wide email blast up to one month preceding the event;
  • announce your event on the Diversity Council's Facebook page and Instagram feed;
  • endorse your event and include the following endorsement on promotional materials: The Diversity Council of the Fashion Institute of Technology is pleased to give its Stamp of Support for this event/project. For more information, go to fitnyc.edu/diversity-council.

Download and complete the form (.pdf) and submit electronically to the Diversity Events email address. In your submission explain in 1000 characters or less your event or project's connection to diversity. It should support the Diversity Council's mission

The Diversity Council's Stamp of Support is an initiative of the council to encourage and help promote diversity related events. This process serves as a "one-stop-shop" to promote diversity related events, excluding printing of materials. No monetary support is provided.

Please note: There are due dates to submit announcements for FIT Newsroom Direct. Submissions must be received by the 10th of the month prior to the event or program to appear in the newsletter.