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What to Expect at the Counseling Center

Who is eligible for counseling services?

  • All registered, degree-seeking FIT students are eligible for counseling services.

How much does it cost for counseling?

  • There is no charge for all eligible students.

Are services confidential?

  • Yes, all services are completely confidential.  No information is shared with any other person or office without your written consent.  The exception to this is if we need to keep someone safe from harm (either yourself or someone else).

How do I get started with counseling services?

  • You would come to the Counseling Center office to complete some screening forms online.  The forms are reviewed by Counseling Center staff who will then give you a 30 minute mental health assessment appointment with one of the clinicians on staff.  Or, you can call the Counseling Center 212 217.4260 for a triage appointment. 

What happens next?

  • The purpose of the mental health assessment appointment will be to determine how to best meet your needs.  You may be recommended for very short-term individual therapy at the Counseling Center, or you may be referred for more appropriate therapeutic services to a therapist or program in the outside community.

What happens if I am referred  to a community clinic?

  • The FIT Counseling Center will provide you with a referral list for outpatient clinics and individual providers in your area.  Many of these clinics and therapists have low cost and sliding scale fees.  If you have your own health insurance coverage, you will likely be covered for these services.  In addition, if you are a full time student and don't have your own insurance, you will need to have the basic student health insurance which provides coverage for outpatient mental health services.  For further information regarding student health insurance, please contact Gallagher Koster at 1.800.457.5599 or email [email protected].

How long can I use Counseling Center services?

  • Due to very high demand for counseling we offer triage assessments typically within 10 days of a student's initial request for treatment.  A referral to an outside resource will then be provided. Students who are in crisis and need to be seen immediately will be given a same-day risk-assessment.

Do you take walk-ins?

  • Due to staffing restrictions, we cannot accommodate walk-ins.  But, if you are experiencing an emergency or the situation is urgent, please come in or give us a call.  If you are in crisis, someone will see you to assess the need to see a counselor immediately or take further action.

Can I see any counselor that is available when I come in?

  • The counselor that you receive an appointment with becomes your assigned counselor.  Your assigned counselor will determine with you if the best fit to meet your needs will be short-term counseling at the Counseling Center or a referral for long-term counseling with a provider in the community.

What if I need to see my counselor and I don't have an appointment?

  • All of your visits with your counselor are by appointment only.
  • Please do not walk in and ask to speak to your counselor if you do not have an appointment.
  • Instead, if you are experiencing an emergency and need to speak with your counselor before your next scheduled appointment, you should either call or email your counselor.  Your counselor will then respond back to you to either (1) determine how to best assist you or (2) arrange a meeting based on their availability and yours.

What if I can no longer attend a scheduled appointment?

  • We ask that you call the FIT Counseling Center ahead of time to cancel an appointment if you cannot make the scheduled time.  We try to accommodate as many students as possible and missed appointments limit the number of students we can see.  Due to high demand for counseling services, when you miss more than two consecutive appointments without contacting us, we will assume that you are no longer interest in continuing counseling. We will provide you with a referral to a community provider if you request one.

What should I do if I have concerns or complaints about my services?

Your well-being and the quality of care you receive at the Counseling Center are our primary concerns.  If you have questions or complaints about the care and treatment offered to you during your visits at the Counseling Center, please contact the Director of the Counseling Center at 212 217.4266.  If your concerns are related to the care you received from the Director, please contact the Dean of Students at 212 217.3800.

Please rest assured that all of us in the Counseling Center are concerned about your safety and well-being and will work hard to assist you with determining the severity and immediacy of all your concerns.