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What if I need more than the limited number of sessions offered at the Counseling Center?

There are several options:

1.  You and the counselor decide this during your initial session and we help arrange a referral to an outside counselor so you might receive long-term counseling.
2.  You and your counselor plan to use the available 1-3 individual sessions in the Counseling Center and continue to assess your needs, and provide you with some support and then help you arrange to see an outside therapist.
3.  Occasionally, when an outside referral is not appropriate or cannot be worked out, we will provide a bit longer term treatment as medically indicated, and then provide you with a referral for ongoing psychological and psychiatric care.

What if my friend is in a crisis? 

During Counseling Center hours call (212) 217-4260 or walk over and tell the receptionist you need help for a friend. She will connect you with the triage counselor who will consult with you about how best to proceed. 

If the Counseling Center is closed and you are living on campus, you should contact your Residence Hall Director or call Campus Security (212) 217-7777. If you are living off campus, the safest thing to do is to go to the nearest hospital emergency room or call 911 and seek support.