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Middle States 2021-22

FIT has begun planning for its 2021-2022 reaccreditation. The self-study process is an opportunity to bring the community together to celebrate our achievements and identify ways to improve.  We will be sharing information on this page to keep you updated and we invite your involvement and input. In addition, we have created a dedicated e-mail for any questions, comments, or concerns regarding the process: [email protected].  

Middle States Self-Study News & Updates

Fall 2019 Update:  The Steering Committee kicked off its first meeting in August, after Convocation.  One of its initial tasks was to think about what we would like FIT to get from this process.  Obviously, we want to demonstrate how FIT meets Middle States Standards. We also want to tie this work to the new strategic plan that is forthcoming at the end of this year.  Perhaps most importantly, we want to engage members across the campus as much as possible. We think this will help strengthen the FIT community as faculty, staff and students learn more about what is happening across all areas and provide input to the self-study.  We are a large enough campus that it can be hard to avoid being “siloed” in your own program or division or office. Being a part of this project, hopefully, will help people feel included and better understand the decisions made across the institution. These thoughts about what we hope to accomplish through this process are discussed in the self-study design document.

In late October, the co-chairs, Carolyn Comiskey and Rebecca Bauman, as well as FIT’s Accreditation Liaison Officer, Yasemin Jones, attended a two-day Self-Study Institute run by Middle States to help us organize this process.  After that, the Steering Committee worked to draft the rest of the self-study design document and plan for the formation of the Working Groups. By the end of the term, the document was drafted and Working Groups formed. We will share the document with the community in the spring, after feedback from Middle States. 

Spring 2020 Update:  In the spring semester, the Steering Committee continued to meet and prepare for a visit from Dr. Kushnood Haq, the Middle States VP assigned to FIT who guides institutions in the early stages of their self-study process. Dr. Haq visited campus on February 26th and met with students, faculty, staff, and two members of the Board of Trustees. Dr. Haq also met with the Steering Committee to review and provide helpful feedback on FIT’s Self-Study Design, as well as answer questions. The visit was successful and helped to engage the campus in the process.  

Based on Dr. Haq's feedback, we have made minor revisions to the Self-Study Design and it has now been formally approved by MSCHE.  It can be viewed here: FIT's Self-Study Design.

When FIT moved to remote operations as a result of the Covid pandemic, the Working Groups had to adjust their processes and deadlines. However some Working Groups have been able to continue to collect and evaluate evidence, and some progress will be made up over the summer.  By July 15th, each Working Group plans to have its initial list of evidence for each Standard.  The Co-Chairs appreciate the amount that the Working Groups were able to accomplish during this incredibly challenging semester. 

Brief Timeline:

Fall 2019: The Steering Committee began meeting and developed the self-study design document.  

Spring 2020:  FIT submits a design for the self-study to Middle States, and the Middle States Vice President assigned to FIT visits campus to ensure FIT is ready to begin the process.  Working groups begin meeting to gather and analyze evidence that shows how FIT meets the Middle States standards.  

Fall 2020: Working groups continue to analyze evidence, gathering input from the FIT community and developing findings and recommendations. They will draft their preliminary findings into a report.  

Spring 2021:  Working groups gather feedback from the Steering Committee and the campus community, and revise and submit final chapter drafts by the end of the term. 

Summer 2021: The co-chairs, supported by the Steering Committee, edit the Working Group chapters into a single self-study document. 

Fall 2021: The self-study is shared with the college community for comment. As the draft is reviewed by the Steering Committee, the President and the President’s Council, and other stakeholders, it is refined as needed.  It is sent to the Evaluation Team chair in advance of the fall preparatory visit, which takes place prior to the full visit in the spring. 

Spring 2022:  In early spring the final self-study report is sent to the Evaluation Team, a team of peer evaluators selected by Middle States to review the self-study and visit campus.  They will meet with a wide variety of constituents, including students, staff, faculty, and the Board of Trustees. In June, the Middle States Commission will review their report to determine FIT’s reaccreditation status.