Precollege FAQ

Q: What is the difference between Precollege Workshops and Saturday/Sunday/Summer Live?
Precollege Workshop courses are fun, short programs that introduce you to some of the unusual and creative topics that we specialize in at FIT. These courses span four days and students learn a specific skill or technique and leave FIT with a Certificate of Completion to submit with college applications or to include in their portfolios. Saturday/Sunday/Summer Live courses are more intensive and run for 12 sessions throughout the fall, spring, and summer semesters. Students in these programs sample courses offered by departments to experience the various majors at FIT and to develop pieces for their portfolios.

Q: When can I take a Precollege course?

Precollege programs are held three semesters a year. In the fall (September through December) and spring (February through May), the program is called Saturday and Sunday Live, and courses are held on Saturdays and Sundays. In the summer (July), the program is called Summer Live, and courses are held Monday through Thursday. Precollege Workshops are also held in the fall, spring, and summer. Visit the Precollege main page for details and availability each term.

Q: What is the age requirement for participation in Precollege Programs?

Fall/Spring Programs:
Saturday/Sunday Live and Precollege Workshops for high school students define participation by GRADE, not age. If you're in GRADE 9-10-11-12 at the time of registration, you qualify! If you're in GRADE 7-8-9, you qualify for Middle School Precollege Workshops.

Summer Live:
Summer Live defines participation by GRADE, not age. If you are in GRADE 9-10-11-12 as of September of the year you are enrolling in, you qualify for the High School Summer Live and High School Precollege Workshop Programs. You may also join our summer program if you are graduating from high school in May/June immediately preceding the summer semester.
If you'll be in GRADE 7-8-9 as of September, you'll qualify for the Middle School Summer Live Program or Middle School Precollege Workshops.

*9th grade students and their families have the option of choosing either program, based on
the child's maturity and skill level. You may only participate in one program however,
high school and middle school classes cannot be mixed in the same semester.

Q: How do I register for a class?
Students can register for classes online by going to class listings for the program they are interested in and selecting the link to Register in the far right column. Upon check-out students will be asked to submit their payment and provide basic information.

Q: How long is the MyFIT account active?
The MyFIT account allows students to print schedule and check final grades. This account is activated after the student completes Online Registration and pays for the course. The MyFIT account will remain active for 90 days after the last day of classes.

Q: How can I ensure that my friend and I are placed in the same class together?
All students are given equal opportunity to register for classes at the same time. If you and your friend would like to be in the same class, we strongly urge you to register together as soon as online registration becomes available to you and make sure you select the same section of the class (ie. 55A, 55B, 55C etc.). If for some reason a class becomes full, try another section or choose another class with availability. We are unable to add students to a course that is closed or full.

Q: What is a prerequisite course?
A prerequisite course is one that provides the background skills needed to take advanced-level courses. Prerequisite courses must be successfully completed prior to registration for advanced-level courses. Courses that require prerequisites will be marked with an asterisk (*) in our course listings and descriptions.

Q: What level of artistic ability must I have to participate in the design courses at FIT?
All of our courses are beginner-level courses unless stated otherwise in our course descriptions.

Q: Do I need and paperwork, documentation, or a portfolio to participate in Precollege Programs?

No.  Precollege enrollment is based on a first-come, first-serve basis. No special documentation, recommendations or portfolio reviews are required.

Q: Can international students participate in FIT's Precollege Programs?
Yes! Visit this link to learn more about required documentation and program opportunities for international high school and middle school students:

Q: Which classes fill the fastest?
Any courses which require equipment (sewing machines, photography labs, computer rooms, etc) fill the fastest. We strongly suggest students register as early as possible for these first-come-first-served courses.

Q: Will I receive a grade?
Precollege classes do not carry college credits, but they do provide students with grades to help them evaluate their own success and progress. This grade also appears on all future FIT transcripts. Students must go online at the end of the semester to obtain grades and unofficial transcripts. Grades are issued based on students performance, growth, and potential standing in a general applicant pool. Access to the online system will expire one month after the end of the student's last active term, so be sure to access grades promptly at the end of each semester.

Q: What grades are assigned in FIT's Precollege Programs?
Students must go online at the end of the semester to obtain grades and unofficial transcripts.
Request an official copy of your transcript

The following grades are used for the Saturday/Sunday/Summer Live Program:
A .4.0         B..3.0       C..2.0
A -.3.7        B-...2.7       C-..1.7      
B+3.3         C+2.3       D..1.0                    

WD...Withdrawal (student stops attending, excessive absences)

*NOTE: A WD grade is not punitive and does not impact a student's academic future. It simply means the student did not complete the course and has withdrawn before grading.

Q: Are grades assigned in FIT's Precollege Workshops?
Although grades are assigned in our other programs, the FIT Precollege Workshops do not not carry college credits and assign only PASS/Withdrawal grades. By attending all classes, completing assignments, and being an active participant, students will receive a passing status.
Request an official copy of your transcript

Q: How do I view my grades* ?
In your browser type:
Enter your username and password, as instructed
Select Online Information System
Select Student
Select Student Records & Student Accounts
Select Final Grades
Choose the Semester
              *Access to the online system will expire one month after the end of the student's last active term,
                so be sure to access grades promptly at the end of each semester.

Q: Do your classes include field trips in or around FIT?

Many classes take field trips to enhance the course curriculum. Locations may include nearby museums, retailers, industry showrooms, or studios. In addition, many classes visit other areas of the college, such as the Gladys Marcus Library or the Museum at FIT. Instructors accompany students on all trips, and all trips start and end at the FIT campus.

Q: How can I change my class if the program has already started?
Students who wish to change classes after the start of the first day of class can do so in-person in the Precollege Office. The office is located in D130. Students are allowed to change classes up until the end of the second day of class. Thereafter, no changes will be permitted.

Q: Are the Saturday Live, Sunday Live, Summer Live or Workshop courses credit-bearing?
No. All Precollege courses offered in Saturday Live, Sunday Live, Summer Live, and all Workshop programs consist of non-credit courses. However, students do receive grades for Saturday Live, Sunday Live, and Summer Live courses (Workshop grades are Pass/Fail) which do appear on a FIT transcript which can be submitted with college applications. See below regarding additional information grading.

Q: Do you offer credit courses for high school students at FIT?

In the Spring semesters, Precollege Programs in conjunction with the School of Liberal Arts at FIT, offers credit courses to exceptional high school seniors. Each liberal arts course bears liberal arts credits that can be transferred to most colleges and universities. These courses are design to broaden  the student's understanding of the humanities, strengthen critical thinking and communication skills , develop knowledge of the natural and social sciences, and prepare students to function effectively in a culturally diverse world. For more information, please see Credit Courses for High School Students.

Q: How much will my class cost?
Each course has a fixed cost, plus an additional registration fee. Saturday/Sunday/Summer live courses cost $320. High School Workshops cost $242 and Middle School Workshops cost $136. All costs include a $15 materials fee and a $15 registration fee.

Q: Can I submit a partial payment?
Students will be required to submit payment in full at the time of registration. For additional information on payment, please view the payment information posted on the Program Details page for your program.

Q: Does FIT offer scholarships or financial aid to Precollege students?

New York City high school aged residents enrolled in a NYC DOE high school may be eligible for a financial assistance scholarship.  This partial scholarship covers $280 (the total cost of one course is $320). Scholarships are not available for high school or middle school Workshops. Scholarship recipients are responsible for the remaining $40 balance and any supplies required for the class (most courses require supplies that students must purchase. The estimated cost of supplies should not exceed $50, except for Introduction to Photography with an estimated cost of supplies at $130.) For application go here: 

Q: Can I pay for a course over the phone?
No. You may submit payment for a course in person in the Bursar's Office, by faxing the Payment Form to (212) 217-3681, via the online registration system or by mail.

Q: Do I need an FIT ID Card?

All students are required to wear FIT ID cards while on campus. Students without a valid FIT are not allowed into class. To replace a lost ID card, contact Security at (212) 217-7777. The cost of a replacement card is $25.  Please visit our website or call (212) 217-7777 for a schedule of available dates and times to have your photo taken for your ID. All Saturday/Sunday/Summer Live students must obtain their ID cards prior to the first day of class. Workshop students will receive their FIT ID at the time of check-in on the first day of class.
Q: What supplies will I need?
All art and design courses require supplies that students must purchase on their own. Students receive a supply list on the first day of classes; some instructors may post supply lists on our website with their course listing to give you a sense of what will be required. Students should expect to spend up to $50 for supplies; photography classes that include darkroom use may require spending up to $130 for supplies. Go to to see a list of available resources.

Q: What is the Parental Consent Form?
It is mandatory that all students submit the Information and Consent Form (Parental Consent Form) signed by their parent or guardian before they can participate in our program.  This form provides FIT with important information in case of a medical emergency. Students will not be permitted to attend class if this form is not in our records. NO FORM = NO CLASSES
The form must be submitted during Orientation or on the first day of class.

Q: Do I have to submit a Parental Consent form if I have been here before?
Yes. A new Parental Consent form is required each semester and should be submitted on the first day of class. Without this form, students will be unable to attend class. 

Q: Do I need to attend Orientation?
Returning students are not required to attend Orientation, however we find that many times returning students do choose to attend each semester. New students are required to attend Orientation and should make every effort to attend. Important information will be covered in this session which the student will be responsible for starting the first day of class. At Orientation, students are able to meet with other Precollege students, find travel buddies, tour the campus with their families, and obtain ID cards.

Q: Where is FIT located?
FIT is located on West 27th Street between Seventh and Eighth avenues in the heart of New York Citys Chelsea neighborhood. The Center for Precollege Programs is located on the first floor of the Fred P. Pomerantz Art and Design Center, Room D130.

Q: Where do classes take place?

All of our Precollege course take place on campus between Seventh and Eighth Avenues on 27th Street. At this time, we do not offer online courses.

Q: Does FIT offer housing for students in Precollege Programs?
At this time, FIT does not offer housing for Precollege students. Visit the Precollege Summer Housing page for suggestions.

Q: What are FIT's expectations of Precollege students?
To succeed at FIT, all students are expected to know the information presented at Orientation, to have read the important information provided in the Student Handbook, and to abide by the College's rules and regulations. In the classroom, students will be expected to come to class on-time and prepared, bring supplies and materials, and participate in classroom discussions and presentations. By doing so, students will be more successful at FIT.

Q: What can parents do while their child is in class?
While their children are attending classes at FIT, parents can take advantage of the exhibitions at The Museum at FIT or tour Chelsea, an exciting neighborhood filled with galleries, gourmet shops, restaurants, and fashion boutiques. The college is within walking distance of great shopping on 34th Street and Herald Square, and Seventh Avenue between 17th and 24th streets. The FIT campus also has wireless internet access for parents who wish to work on their computers. Please visit the IT for FIT portion of our website to learn more about our wireless access.

Q: Can my class or school visit FIT?
Yes. Ask your art teacher, college counselor, or principal to coordinate a group visit to FIT's campus. Tour the college, speak with Admissions counselors, and visit The Museum at FIT. For more information, visit High School and Community Outreach.

Q: How can I learn more about the FIT Admissions process?
FIT offers associate and bachelor's degrees in more than 40 programs from Advertising and Digital Design to Toy Design, from Fashion Merchandising Management to International Trade and Marketing for the Fashion Industries. If you are considering applying to FIT after you graduate from high school, you can begin the process now by learning more about the college. Come to a video presentation and question-and-answer session to learn about degree options at FIT.

General information sessions are conducted by admissions counselors and are held every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday (except holidays) at noon in Room C205. For information regarding FIT's admissions process and portfolio requirements, write to [email protected] or visit the Admissions website.