Oculus Rift Tutorial

Please make sure to review the Disclaimer, Requirements, and Health & Safety sections on the prior pages before proceeding!

Before Logging in:

  • Each VR headset brand works with specific VR Ready Alienware Workstation located in room E620 of the Marcus Gladys Library in the Goodman center.
  • If you are unsure of which workstation to use, please ask a student monitor.
  • The workstation is only for VR Usage.
  • Please do not use it for any other software on VR stations. There is no Adobe, Autodesk, Microsoft Office software or Printing software on
    these workstations.
  • Please do not have more than one person in the play area at a time while using VR.
  • Please clear all belongings and keep the play are clean of any trip hazards before using VR.

To get started use the credentials within the guide booklet to Login at the windows login screen.

Once logged in you’ll note several icons on the desktop. We’ll be working with software here mainly to access VR features and Apps.

Desktop image for Oculus Rift - Google tiltbrush, oculuss software, steam

Running VR Software

1. To begin run the STEAM app on the desktop.

Steam program login Icons for google tiltbrush, software assist, steam, oculus and recycle bin

2. Login to steam using the credentials in the handbook.

Steam Login prompt - account name fit_vr01

  • Once logged into SteamVR you’ll see a small window at the bottom center of the screen. 

Steam VR 5 icons Okay green

  • The 5 Icons should be green which means the everything is synced up properly like the image above.
  • If the 5 Icons are not green then call the student monitor over so they can correct the issue.

3. Open the OCULUS app on the desktop to access the software library.

Oculus rift software icon - black oval

4. Select “Sign In” from the pop up window

Oculus rift software sign in screen - click sign in

5. Login with the credentials provided in the booklet.

Oculus rift login window - Libtech@fitnyc.edu login

6. Once logged into OCULUS you’ll see a new window with a library link in the left column.

Oculus rift software home - large image of marvel powers united vr with several other apps located on screen image

7. In the OCULUS library you can open any app listed by double clicking the icon. 

Library tab selected -showing apps such as tilt brush - lucky's tale - dreamdeck demo and first contact

8. We recommend STARTING the OCULUS FIRST CONTACT TUTORIAL app to help develop a feel for VR space.

9. If you need help putting on the headset and controllers or have any questions please alert the student monitor for assistance. 

The Headset

The Oculus Rift contains several sensors to allow it to be tracked in 3D space.

The straps on the headset are adjustable. The headset should be a bit tight around your head but should not cause discomfort. The farther the back strap is down the back of your head, the lighter the headset will feel. Try to make sure the headset does not slide down your face as the lenses are meant to be directly in front of your eyes. There may be a slight light leak around your nose—this is OK and not too noticeable when in use.

Also please be aware of the cable that will run off from the back of the head set.

Labeled image of Oculus VR Headset noting: top tab, pivot,side tab, strap arm, headphones and tracking tiangle locations

Connecting the headset to the HDMI and USB 3.0 ports

Attached the HDMI and USB cable from the back of the headset to the front of the linkbox located on the front of the VR Table (as shown in photos below). 

VR plugs on top of desk

USB 3.0 Port Top


Vr input front view


HDMI Port Bottom

Gently connect these cable from the back of the headset into each port. It only fits in one direction.

Do not force it. 

Cleaning the Headset

Dampen the cleaning cloth provided in the bag with water to wipe the headset and sensor lenses clean. Using any other liquid may cause damage. 

Caring for the headset lenses 

1. Use the cleaning cloth provided in the box to wipe the lenses.

2. Moisten the cleaning cloth with alcohol or lens cleaner.

3. Wipe in a circular motion from the center to the outer edges of the lenses.

While cleaning the lenses, do not scratch the lenses nor disassemble other parts of the headset.

When not using your headset, store it with the lenses pointed away from any source of direct sunlight. Failure to do so may cause damage to the headset display. 

Can I wear my prescription glasses while using Oculus Rift?

Most glasses fit inside the headset. If you wear large prescription glasses, adjust the lens distance to increase the space in the headset.

  • Make sure that no part of your glasses scratch the headset lenses.

The Controllers

The Oculus and Menu button on the front of the controllers is used to turn them on and off by holding the button down till you hear a beep. Exiting the SteamVR app automatically turns off the controllers.

The buttons may have varying uses amongst VR software, but their functions will usually be explained.

Please use the lanyards attached to the controllers.

The controllers are generally interchangeable, meaning they are not denoted as for the left or right hand. Once a game/app starts, the controllers may be assigned to left and
right. This will usually be specified in the game/app.

About your touch controllers - thumbstick, menu, grip button, x button (select), y button (back), oculus button (universal menu), thumbrest, a button (select) b button (back) and trigger

Setup Calibration

Setting or resetting the activity area.

1. On your computer, open the SteamVR app.

2. Click the drop-down arrow, and then Run Room Setup.

3. Follow the SteamVR app prompts to complete the process.

image of steam vr tab with option "run room setup, run tutorial, run media player, display mirror, devices tab, workshop tab, create system report, settings, help, quit and steam vr tab"

Returning the VR Equipment

Remove the Headset (be careful of tangled cords) and shut down the STEAMVR APP.

This should automatically shutdown the controllers, however if it doesn’t:

Hold down the power buttons till you hear a beep and the LED light turns off. 

Pack the following into the VR BAG:
1. Headset
2. 2 Controllers

Lens cloth wipe Please return the VR Bag to Access Services on the Library 5th Floor. 

Please leave the physical manual by the VR Workstation.

You can send any feedback or comments/questions to [email protected]. Thank you!