About ITDP

James Pearce, Emerging Technologies and ITDP Manager
FRS, 5th fl. Rm D524, Pomerantz Ctr
[email protected] , 347 330-7553

  • FRS - Faculty Research Services
  • ITDP - Innovative Technology and Digital Production:
    • PrintFX / FabLab
    • LTUS - Library Technology User Services, MakerMinds Space
    • FITDIL - FIT Digital Image Library

Library Technology User Services support staff and students who use technology resources in the Library. That includes PC and Mac labs, and other resources such as Pay for Print, MakerMinds space and other systems located in the Library.

Richard Grauer, User Services Assistant

Simona Jankauskaite, Technology Resources Assistant,
Library, 6th fl. Rm E606, Goodman Resource Ctr
[email protected] , 212 217-4379

Simona joined the Library in 2009. She coordinates and supports technology services. Simona graduated from FIT with her BFA in computer animation and interactive media, and with an MLIS from Queens College.

FIT Digital Image Library (FITDIL) is a digital repository consisting of about 150,000 images contributed and used by FIT community . More about FITDIL...

Hiroko Suda, FITDIL Database Content Manager
Library, 4th fl. Rm E413, Goodman Resource Ctr
[email protected]
, 212 217-4378

Hiroko manages digital content in FITDIL - coordinating with departments, creating content, organizing collections, and providing user support/reference service for FITDIL. Hiroko received a BA in English from Kanda University of International Studies in Japan, an MA in Art History from the City College of New York, and an MLS with a Certificate in Archives and Preservation of Cultural Materials from Queens College.

Alessandro Casagli, FITDIL Photographer
Library, 4th fl. Rm E413, Goodman Resource Ctr
[email protected] , 212 217-4387

Alessandro joined the library in 2012. He captures content for FIT's Digital Image Library (FITDIL). Alessandro graduated from the Nobel Institute in Salerno, Italy with a BA in accounting. After founding one of the first Italian internet service providers and leading the graphic design department of a Europe-wide distribution company, he moved to the United States to finally follow his passion for photography. Prompted by his insatiable desire to learn, and the experience gained assisting internationally renowned photographers, Alessandro is able to provide his clients with professional and high quality photographic images. Alessandro is fluent in Italian and English.

Dawn Dinh, Library and PrintFX Fabrication Technician
PrintFX/Fablab, 5th fl. Rm. D529A, Pomerantz Ctr
[email protected]

Dawn has worked with FIT since 2016, starting as a work study student. After working four years with the Library as an Office Associate, Dawn is now welcoming her new position as a Fabrication Technician, as of July 1st 2021. Dawn graduated from FIT in 2020 with a BFA in Illustration, in addition to holding an AAS in illustration and minors in History of Art, Sociology, and Asian Studies. She hopes to pursue her Masters in Illustration in the near future. Within the broad illustration field, her main concentrations are conceptual art and design, and storytelling, using both traditional and digital mediums. Her usual themes correlate to social identity and cultural heritage. Besides routinely delving into the vast illustration world, Dawn likes to explore the city, experiment and cook elaborate dishes, and test the waters of content creation.

PrintFX and FabLab is a digital printing and fabrication facility, visit their website to find out more...