Spring 2020 Volume 3, Issue 2

Director's Welcome

As the Library stands ready to welcome the changes imminent in the new decade, we also celebrate the history of our home institution. Our digital repositories are growing – the Library partnered with MuseumFIT to create a timeline commemorating its 50th anniversary and a separate timeline for the institution celebrating its 75th anniversary – all of which is searchable online. The Library's "uniquely FIT" digital contents of FITDIL, Archives on Demand, SPARC Digital, and FIT Authors are broadening daily.

2020 arrives with enhancements in the Library's resources and services. The new search and delivery systems, Alma and Primo, are now fully integrated into all aspects of the Library's daily resources and operations, allowing for easy resource finding through OneSearch. Look for announcements piloting the one-on-one librarian consultation service, and release dates for online tutorials, especially targeted for online classes. As always, we continue to highlight new technology in hands-on learning in the Love Your Library and MakerMinds series, analyze new digital resources, and explore evermore efficient service models.

Looking to the immediate future, the Library's strategic plan runs through 2020, and in preparation for updating, we will initiate self-study groups to review, assess, and plan for the next chapter in the Library's continual evolution.

Associate Professor Greta K. Earnest, Interim Library Director   

Database spotlight: Statista

Statista is a global business data firm, consolidating 3 million multidisciplinary statistics, facts, infographics, and market data on over 80,000 topics from more than 22,500 sources onto a single platform. Statista provides direct access to quantitative data on media, business, company and industry profiles, consumer markets, finance, politics and more. https://www.fitnyc.edu/library/databases

FIT Library Research Guides

As a school full of creative professionals, intellectual property topics, such as copyright and trademark, are very important. With all their legal technicalities and jargon, these topics can be difficult, but the Library is here to make them a bit easier to understand with our Intellectual Property research guide.

With textbook prices continuing to rise, it is no surprise that FIT, and all of SUNY, are hard at work to find innovative ways to keep costs down from students. One of these ways is the use and creation of Open Educational Resources (OER), which are all openly-licensed and freely available to students. The FIT Library is at the center of supporting faculty in creating and adopting OER in their courses and helping students to us these materials during the semester. To learn more about OER, check out the Library's guide on all things OER.

You can find both of these research guides and many more at: fitnyc.libguides.com/  

 FIT Authors Talks

 Andrea Kleine - Ms. Kleine is a library associate affiliated with FIT since 2001. Her book, Eden, received excellent reviews from Vanity Fair, Nylon, Publisher's Weekly, and The New Yorker. Nylon listed it as one of the Best Books of 2018, and it was a finalist for the Publishing Triangle/Ferro Grumley Award. –February 11th, 5 - 6pm, 4th Fl, E435

Every other weekend, Hope and Eden - backpacks, Walkmans, and homework in hand - wait for their father to pick them up, as he always does, at a strip mall bus stop. It's the divorce shuffle; they're used to it. Only this weekend he's screwed up, forgotten, and their world will irrevocably change when a stranger lures them into his truck with a false story and a smile. Twenty years later Hope discovers that the man who abducted them is up for parole and the sisters might be able to offer testimony to keep him in jail. There's only one problem: Eden is nowhere to be found. Hope sets out on a harrowing quest - from hippie communes to cities across the country, and into her own troubled past - to track down her sister. Will she find Eden in time? And what will she learn about herself along the way?

 Anna Kiper - Professor Kiper joined FIT in 2002. Her book, Fashion Portfolio: Design + Presentation, has nearly 100 contributors and explores the subject from every possible angle. –March 25th, 5 - 6pm, 4th Fl, E435

From finding inspiration to creating the final collection, this is the complete guide to putting together an attention-grabbing fashion portfolio. It follows the entire design process, covering research, quick sketches, silhouettes, mood boards, garment details, textiles, fabric manipulation, and draping experimentation. In addition to samples from professional sketchbooks, established fashion and accessories designers offer their personal insights on the job's highlights and challenges. This book demonstrates that creativity can come in many forms - with no right or wrong expression. A beautiful and practical book that helps readers get inside the designer's mind and at the same time learn how to develop your own fashion design collection and share your design ideas with maximum impact. 

Anne Kong - Professor Kong joined FIT in 1997. She is the co-author of the book, Visual Merchandising and Display, 7th edition, noted as the Best Business and Leadership Books of 2018. –April 15th, 5 - 6pm, 4th Fl, E435 

 This new edition of the best-selling text is for anyone working in and learning about the exiting industry of visual merchandising. Martin Pegler and new co-author Anne Kong (FIT) zero in on all aspects of visual merchandising and display, from classic techniques to the most avant-garde developments. Using hundreds of examples from around the world, this text reveals how retailers can optimize their image with their target marketing by adding interest to window and interior displays. New sections on branding have been added to select chapters to guide readers toward ways of incorporating this important topic into their visual merchandising strategy. 

 Research Services through Special Collections and College Archives 

When you cannot personally visit the Library's Special Collections, our highly-trained personnel can search for the information you need. We provide customized fee-based research services to individuals, business and industry, and government entities.

The fee schedule is below; also note: in addition to the time spent researching and reporting, materials, retrieval, preparation, and re-shelving time will be included as part of the service fee. Note there will be a one hour minimum service charge.

FIT Community (with valid ID and alumni):        $50.00 per hour (up to 5 pages report)

Non-FIT Community:                                            $75.00 per hour (up to 5 pages report)

Rush Service:                                                        $25.00 per hour (in addition to other fees)

Please allow no less than two (2) weeks to process your request; if you are under a very tight deadline, then additional fees will apply. Also note that semester workflow will dictate priority as to provision of service and that FIT-internal needs will take priority over all others. We cannot guarantee a specific delivery date. Please contact Special Collections for the fee schedule and further information.

Website: https://www.fitnyc.edu/library/sparc/index.php

 Upcoming MAKERMINDS Events Spring 2020 | FIT Library and IT Event Series

Button Making: Thursday February 6th, 12pm - 2pm

Intro to 3D Jewelry Modeling & Printing Workshop: Friday February 28th,  12pm- 2pm

Make Soaps or Candles Using Vacuum Formed Molds: Friday March 20th, 12pm - 2pm

Wearable Technology With Adafruit & Makecode: Thursday April 2nd, 12pm - 2pm   


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