Fall 2019 Volume 3, Issue 1

The Fashion Institute of Technology turns 75! 

Seventy-five years ago this September, the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), part of the State University of New York, was founded by industry visionaries and futurists Max Meyer and Mortimer Ritter. These two men were instrumental and successful in establishing fashion-industry-centric education at the high school level and soon realized the industry’s need for an even more sophisticatedly trained workforce. Ritter declared, “what we need is an MIT for the fashion industries!” Thus, the college of FIT was born. 

As the campus plans for various modes of celebration, to extend from September 2019 to May 2020, the Gladys Marcus Library’s unit of Special Collections and College Archives is undertaking or considering such projects as

  • A monograph published by Donning Press to commemorate the unconventional past, present, and future of FIT
  • A series of historical timeline panels, modularly designed in eight segments, to be placed either together or separately across the campus
  • A series of discussion panels to highlight the relationship of FIT to a myriad of creative industries

One aspect of the College that has not changed over time is the strength of its relationship with related industries. From conception to inception to current day, industry leaders have played a critical role in FIT’s founding and continued success. The initial composition of the FIT Foundation boards, representative of both management and labor forces, with Meyer and Ritter, created the Educational Foundation for the Fashion Industries. This was the first crucial step for the New York State Board of Regents to grant a charter establishing this new and truly unconventional institution of higher learning, The Fashion Institute of Technology. 


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A New & Improved OneSearch is here! 

StyleCat, the old Library catalog, has been replaced.

Use OneSearch to:

  • Find books, e-books, articles, magazines, digital media & more
  • Engage in a visual, virtual browse of Library collections
  • Easily export citations in multiple formats (MLA, APA, etc.)
  • Request books & other physical materials from SUNY & beyond
  • Personalize search results, create citations, labels 
  • Track renewals, fines/fees, and manage interlibrary loan & hold requests
  • Save search histories 

Access OneSearch at onesearch.fitnyc.edu


 FIT Authors

Each semester the Library features publications from two FIT staff or faculty members. Located in our 5th floor reading room, the display provides a copy of the books along with information about the authors.

Authors will give a talk about their book on campus. Faculty and students are encouraged to attend. Refer to our Love Your Library events page or our social media channels @FITLibrary for upcoming information. Authors for this semester are Professors Ron Amato and Melissa Tombro.


Prof. Ron Amato; Photography: The Box, Wednesday, September 11, 5-6 pm; 4th Floor

Focused on themes of isolation, desire, conflict and empowerment, Ron Amato's photographic series and book, The Box, speaks to human experiences of self-discovery and community building. Using a series of boxes to create visual metaphors, Ron echoes his development from adolescence to adulthood through over 100 color, and black and white photographs. Evoking first his youth in Brooklyn, New York during the 1960s and 1970s, moving through his coming out as a gay man and to his present position as a respected professional photographer and teacher, Prof. Amato creates a vivid portrait of struggle and triumph.


Prof Melissa Tombro; English: Teaching Autoethnography: Personal Writing in the Classroom 

Tuesday, November 5th, 5-6 pm; 4th Floor

Teaching Autoethnography: Personal Writing in the Classroom is dedicated to the practice of immersive ethnographic and autoethonographic writing that encourages authors to participate in the communities about which they write. Prof. Tombro draws not only on critical qualitative inquiry methods such as interview and observation, but also on theories and sensibilities from creative writing and performance studies, which encourage self-reflection and narrative composition. The book provides approaches anyone can use to explore their communities and write about them first-hand. The methods presented can be used for a single assignment in a larger course or to guide an entire semester through many levels and varieties of informed personal writing. This is an open access e-book that can be accessed online.


Start Your Work With a FIT Library Research Guide!

With so many resources available through the FIT Library, it can be tough to know how to get started. To help with this, the librarians and staff have created a wide range of research guides that can point you to the best resources on different topics and for different types of projects. These guides cover all sorts of topics from Art History to Toy Design. 

Forecasting: Fashion and Trends is a perfect example of how these guides can help with the research process. It collects a wide range of fashion and trend forecasting resources in one place making it all easy to find and use.

In addition to highlighting books, magazines, and forecasting services held by the Library, the guide also includes a curated list of podcasts, blogs, tools, and more to offer a glimpse into the wider world of trend forecasting. fitnyc.libguides.com


Personnel Spotlight:  Prof. Gabriella Bucciarelli 

Adjunct Assistant Professor– Continuations Librarian; Periodicals and Electronic Resources

Gabriella joined the Library in 2019. She is responsible for supporting the daily operations of print and e-journals, as well as assisting in all aspects of electronic serials and databases related to the College's use of online resources.

Her previous experiences include a special project at the Vatican Library, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, as well as biotechnology and pharmaceutical research. 

Gabriella holds a B.A. and M.L.S. both from St. John’s University. She is fluent in Italian.


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