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Calendar of Events and Deadlines

​FIT’s Fall 2019 Student Contests and Industry-Sponsored Projects  

 Jay and Patty Baker School of Business and Technology 

FM 422 (Merchandise Strategies Capstone Project) Boston Proper Student Contest
This is a class project where senior students will create an innovative merchandise strategy for Ross Stores. The project allows the students to think critically and analyze financially a retail business. The students are then able to creatively consider a new strategy or idea for the sponsor company.  When the students graduate and transition to industry this skill will be highly utilized. As a merchant or retail /wholesale executive creating strategy is a highly coveted skill. This contest involves over 250 students across all sections of FM 422 Merchandising Strategies course. The students will be split into teams of 3-4 people with the winning team being awarded $4,000, which will be evenly divided between the team members, second place team will receive $1,000, third place team will receive $600.

FM 422 Merchandise Strategies Capstone Project Timeline

March 18, 2020                           6:00pm–8:30pm            Ross Stores Student Contest Presentation (John E. Reeves Great Hall)
April 14, 2020                                   11:59pm                   Ross Stores Student Contest (Student Consent Forms Deadline)
April 29, 2020                                                                    Ross Stores Student Contest (Final Projects Deadline)
May 18, 2020                                                                    Ross Stores Student Contest (Winners Announcement)

 School of Art and Design  

AD 497 (Student Competition)
AD497 is an advertising design student competition course. This course involves students with assignments from international advertising competitions. Entering student work into these advertising creative competitions offers exposure to the individual students and the FIT Advertising Design Program to the top national and international advertising agencies. During the Spring 2020 semester students are participating in the following industry competitions: The D&AD New Blood Student CompetitionOne Show Young Ones Student CompetitionAKQA Future LionsCollegiate Effies and Lürzer’s Archive Student Contest.

Aristocrazy Madrid Design Festival 20 (Aristocrazy Bootcamp Basketry)
Aristocrazy is a Madrid Design Festival bootcamp based in Madrid. Basketry is one of the oldest trades, even before ceramics. Transforming plant fibers not only in baskets but in a multitude of objects and constructions has been and is its function. The climatic and geographical diversity of the Iberian Peninsula entails an enormously varied vegetation and this is reflected in its basketry; a basketry that includes in its production from the elaborated with plants own of humid and cold regions until the one that comes from almost desert lands. Wealth of materials implies a wealth of techniques and that is another characteristic of Spanish basketry. The intention of this course is two fold: on the one hand to bring participants closer to what has been the popular basketry in Spain and, on the other, to experiment with traditional techniques using some of their most characteristic materials. The students will be shown how to work this material, its limitations and its magic. The course will be taught by basket maker, teacher and researcher of wickerwork for thirty years Carlos Fontales. He has published two books: Basketry of the towns of Galicia and More than baskets. Spanish popular basketry. In recent years it has also been carrying out large‐format facilities built with vegetable fibers. 

Madrid Design Festival 20 (Aristocrazy Bootcamp Basketry) Timeline

February 12, 2020            7:30pm – 9.00pm              Reception, presentation and welcome at Madrid College of Architects
February 13, 2020            9:00am – 6:00pm              Trip and masterclass at Caballar (Spanish basketry: tradition, techniques and materials)
February 14, 2020            9:00am – 6:00pm              Soft basketry practical workshop (coiling, plaiting and looping, using materials such as                                                                                               esparto, straw and various types of reeds)
February 15, 2020            9:00am – 6:00pm              Practical workshop in which the participants will continue experimenting with the techniques                                                                                     and materials of the previous day

GD 361 (Design Competition)
GD361 is a communications design competition course. This course provides students an opportunity to compete in national or international competitions. Just as students gain valuable experience in real world competition environments, so too they expose their creative work and the skills of students in the Fashion Institute of Technology’s design programs to professionals in the country and around the globe. During the Spring 2020 semester students are participating in the following industry competitions: PSAidAKQA Future LionsCreative Conscience and FIT Constitution Day Postcard Competition.  

Supima Design Competition
America’s top design schools select one graduating senior to represent their respective school as a finalist to compete in the Supima Design Competition for a $10,000 cash prize and exposure to fashion press, social media influencers and fashion industry executives. Finalists are challenged to create a womenswear capsule collection using premium SUPIMA cotton fabrics. Working with a prominent fashion designer as mentor, students have the opportunity to learn what design elements translate to the runway and what will resonate with the judges. A prestigious panel of judges from the fashion and media world is charged with selecting a winner.

Supima Design Competition Timeline

May 4, 2020                                                            FIT selects/announces a finalist
Week of May 11, 2020                                            Orientation call with Supima
May 18, 2020                                                          Mood board, collection inspiration and collections plans submission
May 25, 2020                                                          First round of sketches and pantone color story submission
June 29, 2020                                                         Final sketches submission
July 9, 2020                                                            Muslin fitting 
August 31,2020 - September 1, 2020                    Final model fittings 
September 2 and 3, 2020                                      Judging and New York Fashion Week Runway Show

 School of Graduate Studies

The Museum at FIT Educational Project for ED 523 (Exhibition Design for the Museum Setting)
This educational project is a joint collaboration between Exhibition and Experience Design MA Department and The Museum at FIT. The objective of this project is to prepare students to conceptually design an exhibition. Working with The Museum at FIT as a patron, students will ideate exhibition design concepts for a dinosaur fossil exhibit. The exhibit subject of this project will enable students to explore and understand how exhibits are developed and physically interpreted within an exhibition environment.

The Museum at FIT Educational Project Timeline

Mid-February 2020                                                   Site visit to the museum
Mid-March 2020                                                       Concept designs are submitted for review comments
Mid-April 2020                                                          Museum's staff comments returned with feedback
Early May 2020                                                        Final design presentations at museum

Group Delphi Industry-Sponsored Project for ED 531 (Presentation Techniques)
ED531 industry-sponsored class project was developed in collaboration with Group Delphi.  It is based upon the actual trade show work done for one of the Group Delphi's past clients—Medtronic Inc. which is a medical device company. Students will engage in strategic planning and conceptual development for this exhibit design to advance brand recognition, visitor flow and create a positive and memorable experience. The concept design will include lighting, print and digital media design, including interactive opportunities for the visitor. This involves creating opportunities for visitors to have a learning experience and engage in activities that enhance the visitor experience. Students will be responsible for adhering to all rules and requirements of a tradeshow venue, developed by the instructor in collaboration with Group Delphi. They will also obtain a working knowledge of logistics and budget allocations within a tradeshow venue.

Group Delphi Industry-Sponsored Project Project Timeline

Tuesday Feb. 4th (1PM-5PM) or Thursday Feb. 6th (1PM-5PM), 2020      Group Delphi Industry-Sponsored Project (Introductory Presentation)
Tuesday Mar. 10th (1PM-5PM) or Thurs. Mar. 12th (1PM-5PM), 2020       Group Delphi Industry-Sponsored Project (Midpoint presentation)
Tuesday Apr. 28th (1PM-5PM) or Thurs. Apr. 30th (1PM-5PM), 2020         Group Delphi Industry-Sponsored Project (Final presentations)

Wildlife Conservation Society Industry-Sponsored Project Project for ED 542 (Exhibition Design Graphics)
ED 542 explores graphic design communication system, including graphic identity and program development. Imagery and typographic solutions, with an emphasis on two- and three-dimensional design development, are covered.  This class project was developed in collaboration with Wildlife Conservation Society. The objective of this project is to introduce students to wayfinding and signage design through the proposal of concepts for wayfinding signage and related components for a client. Working with the client representatives, students will first document the types of existing signage, and create a graphic signage and wayfinding design package.

Wildlife Conservation Society Industry-Sponsored Project Project Timeline

March 16, 2020                                               Wildlife Conservation Society Industry-Sponsored Project (Introductory Presentation)
April 13,  2020                                                 Wildlife Conservation Society Industry-Sponsored Project (Midpoint Presentation)
May 11, 2020                                                   Wildlife Conservation Society Industry-Sponsored Project (Final Concept Design Presentation)