Policies & Guidelines

File Sizes: Customers are responsible for sizing and proofing their files. Submit files the size you need them to be printed or choose the 'Resize To Fit' option on the form which will enlarge or reduce the file to fit the paper size of your choice.

Rolls -- Inkjet including budget, fabric, specialty. No borderless printing. Printer won't print 1/4"-1/2" along the width for 24", 36", 42, 44", 60, 64" width rolls.
Sheets -- Inkjet and laser prints. No borderless printing. 1/4" uneven border around paper.
Vinyl cutting -- 24" vinyl rolls. File should be no larger than 21" in width.
Riso printing -- 10x16 files only. Please leave a 1/2" border around file.
Laser cutting -- Leave 1/4" around entire laser cut file.


Laser print limit: 50 prints per job

Fonts and Images: For Adobe Illustrator, please outline fonts and embed or submit your linked images. PrintFX supports the FIT font library. View our File Setup Guide (.pdf).  Guide is a pdf and requires Adobe Reader or Acrobat.

Bleeds and Cropmarks: PrintFX will not edit files -- we do not add bleeds. If cropmarks are needed, submit files with them drawn / included in your files or choose the "Cropmark" option on the form. View our video Bleeds & Cropmarks Quick Guide.

Resolution: We recommend 300dpi. View our video Photoshop - Resolution / Image Size Quick Guide for some quick tips!

Color Management: Use the Adobe RGB 1998 and RGB color mode. 

Color Accuracy: For inkjet sheets, posters, fabric, and specialty media, use our self-service area's color-calibrated monitor to soft proof your files using our ICC profiles.  Soft proofing provides a close preview of how your colors will print on our printers. View our Soft proofing With A Color Calibrated Monitor and Photoshop - Image Adjustments video quick guides. 

File Formats: Submit ai, pdf, jpeg, png, tiff, psd file formats for inkjet and laser printing. We print from Photoshop with the exception of multipage and double-sided laser prints. Convert all AutoCad, Microsoft and Indesign files to a pdf or jpeg. View our video Indesign - Packaging Files / Exporting PDF's Quick Guide.

After email notification that your job's been completed, pay by self-swiping your FIT ID card at our service desk, Pomerantz D529A.  For help funding your ID, view  Adding Funds To Your MyFIT eAccount Quick Guide

Alumni Jobs: For details and staff approval, contact PrintFX at (212) 217-5470.

Job Turnaround:  Visit our Turnaround Time page. 

Departmental Job Submission and Budget Transfers: Print order forms must be accompanied by the PrintFX Supplies Reimbursement Authorization form (.pdf) if paying using a budget transfer.  Cost centers 6xxxx or 7xxxx are not accepted. Form is a pdf and requires Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat.