Policies & Guidelines

Laser print limit: 50 prints per job

Fonts and Images: For Adobe Illustrator, please outline fonts and embed or submit your linked images. PrintFX supports the FIT font library. View our File Setup Guide (.pdf).  Guide is a pdf and requires Adobe Reader or Acrobat.

Bleeds and Cropmarks: PrintFX will not edit files -- we do not add bleeds. If cropmarks are needed, submit files with them drawn / included in your files or choose the "Cropmark" option on the form. View our video Bleeds & Cropmarks Quick Guide.

Resolution: We recommend 300dpi. View our video Photoshop - Resolution / Image Size Quick Guide for some quick tips!

Color Management: Use the Adobe RGB 1998 and RGB color mode. 

Color Accuracy: For inkjet sheets, posters, fabric, and specialty media, use our self-service area's color-calibrated monitor to soft proof your files using our ICC profiles.  Soft proofing provides a close preview of how your colors will print on our printers. View our Soft proofing With A Color Calibrated Monitor and Photoshop - Image Adjustments video quick guides. 

File Formats: Submit ai, pdf, jpeg, png, tiff, psd file formats only for inkjet and laser printing. No psb files. We print from Photoshop with the exception of multipage and double-sided laser prints. Convert all AutoCad, Microsoft and Indesign files to a pdf or jpeg. View our video Indesign - Packaging Files / Exporting PDF's Quick Guide.

After email notification that your job's been completed, pay by self-swiping your FIT ID card at our service desk, Pomerantz D529A.  For help funding your ID, view  Adding Funds To Your MyFIT eAccount Quick Guide

Alumni Jobs: For details and staff approval, contact PrintFX at (212) 217-5470.