Online Ordering

Preparing and Emailing Your Job

order instructions diagram, complete instructions are in the page text

Step One

Download a fillable pdf order form below, save it to your local computer drive, open and complete it using Adobe Acrobat or Reader.

Laser print button link
Inkjet sheets button link
Inkjet posters button link
Budget posters button link

Fabric prints button link
Laser Prints
Adobe pdf form
Inkjet Sheets    Adobe pdf form
Inkjet Posters       Adobe pdf form
Budget Posters  Adobe pdf form
Fabric Prints         Adobe pdf form


Specialty media button link
Book binding button link
Hardcover button link
Button pins button link
Riso printing button link
Specialty  Media Adobe pdf form Book Binding    Adobe pdf form Hardcover Books Adobe pdf form Button Pins        Adobe pdf form   Riso Printing       Adobe pdf form



Vinyl cutting button link


Laser cutting button link


Vacuum forming button link


3d printing button link


Large format black and white copies

     Vinyl Cutting     Adobe pdf form

Laser Cutting    Adobe pdf form

Vacuum Forming Adobe pdf form

     3d Printing        Adobe pdf form

Large b&w Copies Adobe pdf form



Step Two

Prepare and save your pdf order form(s) and file(s). Include the button pin or hardcover bookbinding templates if applicable. Departments, if paying using a budget transfer, please include a signed PrintFX Supplies Reimbursement Authorization form (.pdf). Form is a fillable pdf and requires Adobe Acrobat or Reader.

Step Three

Create a folder labeled with your name and date on your local computer drive and place a copy of your file(s), order form(s) and any other necessary documents inside.

Step Four

Connect to your FIT Google Drive associated with your FIT email address (your job will be rejected if you use a non-FIT email address). Upload the folder and share with [email protected].


Self-help video quick guides and answers to common questions regarding file size, margins, fonts, images, bleeds, trim marks, resolution, color accuracy, acceptable file formats, etc.  More questions? Call (212) 217-5470.

Services & pricing guides

Services & pricing guide (.pdf) for all services. View specific guides for PrintFX and Fablab services. Guides are pdfs and require Adobe Acrobat or Reader.

Turnaround times

Turnaround time depends on the service.

Rush (1-2 hr turnaround) available for some services and is contingent on staff's verbal approval so during open hours, please call (212) 217-5470. Price doubles. Submission must be before 4pm M-F. Service suspended during May and December. Not an option for alumni jobs.

Payment, job pick up, material / model drop off

Due to Covid, Printfx is closed to in-person visits January 3 - 20. Please see service changes below.

Payment: After receiving an email notification that your job's been completed, add funds to your FIT ID card. View Adding Funds To Your MyFIT eAccount quick guide for more details. Step-by-step instructions can also be found in this guide

Job pickup; laser cut material / vacuum forming model drop off: After we receive your payment, use FIT Book It to schedule a time to pick up your job at our 'curbside' pickup table in the hallway outside Printfx, Pomerantz D529A.  FIT Book It to schedule a time to drop off materials or models in the bins located underneath the table. Check out our helpful BookIt video guide.

Student responsibility

It's the student's responsibility to setup files and complete order forms correctly.  In the event that staff finds any errors to either, we will either place the job on hold or reject it and notify the student. To avoid turnaround time delays, it's the responsibility of the student to correct their errors and resend to Printfx in a timely manner. Students with unpaid jobs left at PrintFX for two weeks or longer will be placed on academic hold.


Staff approval required. No commercial work. 30% surcharge. Extended pickup turnaround times. Rush pickup unavailable. Prove alumni status by emailing staff using your FIT affiliated gmail to send your job. Prepay by adding funds to a PrintFX supplied guest card. Use this guide (.pdf) for step-by-step instructions. Guide is a pdf and requires Adobe Acrobat or Reader.

UPS job delivery

Winter recess 2022: UPS delivery within U.S. only. 2pm deadline for M-F shipping.  If you choose this service, notify staff so the cost of shipping and packaging can be added to your job total. Tracking #'s are automatically emailed to customer's FIT email address. *Not available May and December.