Please browse answers to our most common questions below, download our  services & pricing guide (.pdf) and view our self-help videos & tutorials.  Guide is a pdf and requires Adobe Acrobat or Reader.

Still have a question? PrintFX and FabLab teams are here to support you! Call (212) 217-5470. 

What's the quality of inkjet printing?
Printing ranges from budget to portfolio quality.

If my prints print poorly, do I still have to pay?
If it's our fault no, but if it's your fault, yes.  

If my fabric prints have some minor flaws, will PrintFX reprint it at no charge? Can I wash or dry clean the fabric after it's printed?
Our fabric is intended for sampling purposes so the colors will diminish after washing or dry cleaning. Due to the nature of fabric printing, please be aware that inevitable minor flaws and inconsistencies may occur in your prints. Examples of these flaws are available by request at our service desk to help in your decision whether to proceed with printing.

Can I print double-sided and what are the limitations?    
Yes, double-sided printing is only available for laser prints. Submit multi-page pdfs only. PrintFX staff will not combine multiple files for you. Front and back alignment is not guaranteed and will vary greatly. Double-sided printing is not recommended for files that need to be cropped or trimmed to a precise size or lined up exactly front to back. Please view our Double-Sided quick guide.

Why are my printout colors different from my monitor or another printer?
Color calibration varies from screen to screen and printer to printer. We cannot guarantee the colors you see on your screen will match the prints from our printers. Please soft proof using our color calibrated monitors when printing ink jet sheets, ink jet posters, or specialty media. This will give you a close, but not exact idea of how your prints will look when printed on our paper and printers. View our Soft proofing With A Color Calibrated Monitor quick guide.

What file formats are acceptable for laser and inkjet prints?
ai, pdf, psd, tiff, jpg, png. We do not accept InDesign, psb or Microsoft files. View our Indesign - Packaging Files / Exporting PDFs quick guide.

What is the minimum inkjet roll print length?
Our printers print a 6" minimum and you will be charged accordingly even if your file is smaller than 6".

Why doesn't PrintFX use CMYK?
CMYK is for offset not inkjet printing. We use RGB because it's a wider color gamut.

How do I pay for prints? 
PrintFX  accepts funds added to your FIT campus card (eAccount) as payment.  View Adding Funds To Your MyFit eAccount quick guide video. Fund your card at  PhiL stations located on the 5th floor  Library  lobby or the basement of the Feldman Center, CC15. PhiL stations accept $1, $5, $10, and $20 bills. Coins not accepted. 

Do you accept AutoCAD, U4IA, MS Word/Excel/PowerPoint files?
No, please convert to pdf format and proof in Photoshop. When exporting pdf files, use the [PDF/X-1a:2001] preset. Under 'Advanced,' use [High Resolution] Transparency Flattener. 

What are trim marks and when do I need them?
Trim marks are small marks that appear on the outer four corners of your document. You can add them yourself by drawing them in or by selecting this option on our order form. They are beneficial if you need to cut out your image from a larger sheet of paper, especially if the white of your image is indistinguishable from the white of the paper it was printed on. View our Bleeds & Cropmarks quick guide video for more information.

Can I use my own fonts?
PrintFX supports the FIT font library. For Illustrator files, please outline them.

Does PrintFX resize my document for printing?
Submit files the size you need them. We can only resize to fit the page size that you designate as indicated on your order form.

Can PrintFX print on paper, vinyl or fabric that the customer provides?
No. Our papers, fabric, and other materials are specific for our printers.

Can I use any material I want for laser cutting?
No, some materials  cannot be laser cut for various reasons. Please refer to our list of acceptable materials (pdf) or contact us. Guide is a pdf and requires Adobe Acrobat or Reader.

Will the vinyl cut stickers adhere to fabric?
No, this vinyl doesn't adher well to fabric, but does so with other surfaces like plastic & metal. We highly recommend asking for a sample to test.

What’s the advantage of using the application tape for my single color vinyl stickers?     
This transfer (masking) tape can be used to make the application of detailed stickers easier. For example, instead of pressing down each letter onto your artwork, this tape will hold all your letters together, correctly spaced, while burnishing them onto your surface.

Why would I want to use PrintFX's color calibrated monitors? 
The college's monitors are not color calibrated. We calibrate ours which then allows you to soft proof files using the same ICC color profiles that PrintFX uses to print your work. Soft proofing gives you a close idea of how your inkjet print will look when printed at PrintFX. View Soft proofing With A Color Calibrated Monitor quick guide video.

Can the PrintFX staff trim my work for me?
No, but we provide customers with two paper and one board trimmer on a first-come, first-serve basis during open hours.

What size are PrintFX's paper and board trimmers? 
PrintFX has a 24" paper trimmer. During regular open hours, the hallway outside PrintFX, Pomerantz D529A, has a 70" paper trimmer and 80" board trimmer. The 6th floor of the Library has a 50" paper trimmer and 4' x 6' cutting table.

How many 3d printers does the self-service area have? Do I have to wait while my 3d file prints? 
There are four MakerBot 3d printers. Since the self-service area is first come, first serve, please sign in and prepay to use one. When sending your file to the printer, the software will indicate the completion time, which could be several hours or overnight. You can leave while your model prints and return when it's done.

Can I owe PrintFX payment?
No. Full payment is due after job is completed. Those with unpaid jobs left at PrintFX for two weeks or longer will be placed on academic hold.

Can FIT alumni use PrintFX / FabLab?
Yes. We will only accept your order from your FIT Gmail account. No commercial work. 30% surcharge on all services. Payment due prior to start of job--ask PrintFX staff for the "alumni payment card #". Extended turnaround time (one to three business days) on all services.