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RESTART:   See FIT’s COVID-19-related plans and guidelines for spring campus operations, teaching, and learning.

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Faculty and Academic Program Support


The mission of FIT's Faculty and Academic Program Support (FAPS) unit is to provide exemplary consultation and direction to faculty and Academic Affairs in the areas of catalog development, curriculum administration, online learning, career and internship studies, student academic support, academic advising, faculty development, academic and administrative program assessment, institutional research and services related to tenure, promotion, student evaluations, and reappointment. 

Visit fitnyc.edu/restart for the most recent Spring 2021 developments.

The office of Online Learning and the CET are holding a number of Live Online Training sessions.  For more information, see the Live Online Training Sessions webpage. Topics include Blackboard, Screencast-O-Matic, Remote Teaching Essentials, Managing Your Online course and more. Registration is not required. 

Other new projects from faculty and academic program support include:

Faculty Development and CET

  • Faculty development workshops continue to be delivered remotely. Examples include It's Your First Day of Class!, Faculty Reflect on Spring/Summer 2020, Using the Digital Syllabus, Best Practices for Teaching Remotely and a wide range of teaching with technology sessions. Blackboard training is being facilitated for SUNY-Korea faculty.
  • Links to CET events, recordings and event artifacts can be found on the CET website.
  • The number of faculty using the Concourse digital syllabus template continues to grow. To get started, please follow these instructions. For additional information on using the template, please contact the CET.
  • CET's June 2020 Teaching with Technology Certificate program attracted over 100 faculty participants who submitted a record number of reflective teaching portfolios. Examples can be found at  http://www.fitnyc.edu/cet/ teaching-with-tech.php
  • CET was awarded 2020-21 Perkins funding to support faculty with the integration of industry software into AAS project-based curriculum. Workshops began fall 2020.


  • The Office of Curriculum continues to oversee curricular actions while in a remote environment.  For assistance in submitting curricular actions to be reviewed in the Spring 2021 semester, please contact Assistant Dean for Curriculum Deborah Klesenski-Rispoli or Executive Coordinator Johanna Wilson
  • In Fall 2020, the Office of Curriculum oversaw a total of 122 approved curricular actions.  Of those, there were 20 new courses, 44 edits to courses, 22 edits to programs, 1 new minor, 3 edits to minors, 9 courses approved by SUNY for general education designations, 1 blended course, 20 online courses, and 1 special topics course.
  • The 2020-2021 Undergraduate and Graduate catalogs were published online in February 2020 in time for Fall 2020 registration. The catalogs can be found here:

Faculty Services

  • The office of Faculty Services is currently using online student evaluation system, EvaluationKIT. The system was rolled out campus-wide in the Fall 2018 semester.

Internship Studies:

  • In response to the COVID-19 crisis, the first 100% virtual internship program was held during summer session 1. 93% of Internship Studies students reported that they achieved their learning objectives. 37 Companies sponsored 46 students.
  • Read about the success of FIT's first 100% remote internship program here.
  • Currently, all career counseling sessions are conducted remotely. Visit the Career and Internship website to make an appointment
  • FIT's On-site Internships Ended on March 23, 2020 in accordance with Governor Cuomo's, stay-at-home executive order. For more information on how covid-19 has affected internships, visit the Internship Studies website.

Institutional Research and Effectiveness:

  • Institutional Research and Effectiveness organized two events in the Spring semester to highlight some of the outstanding work faculty are doing to assess student learning:
    • In March, two Fashion Business Management faculty members (Joanne Offerman and Janice Messinger) shared their methods for assessing program learning outcomes in required Fashion Business Management courses.
    • In April, faculty in The School of Liberal Arts (Lasse Savola and Daniel Benkendorf) and the Library (Maria Rothenberg) discussed assessing learning outcomes in general education. These events illustrated the advancement of assessment at FIT.

Online Learning:

  • For resources and information on Teaching Remotely, please visit Online Learning's Teach Remotely page. This site contains tutorials on Blackboard, Collaborate, and related/advanced tools.
  • The newest schedule for live online workshops is now posted here. All faculty are welcome to attend and registration is not required. Since we started these workshops last spring, we have hit an attendance record of 2,051 instructors.
  • The Office of Online Learning worked with the CET and the Writing and Speaking Studio to build a self-guided course on Remote Teaching. It took place over the summer and was completed by 293 instructors. This course is still open as a resource on every instructor's Blackboard homepage.
  • The office is now offering Acclaim Badges to instructors who complete training or refresh their online courses. These badges may be shared digitally on sites like LinkedIn and Blackboard. To date, the office has awarded 231 badges to those who completed Online Instructor Training, 62 to trained Blended instructors, and 16 to online instructors who have refreshed their older online courses. 
  • In January 2021, Professors Amy Lemmon and Shelley E. Kohan were named SUNY Online Teaching Ambassadors. They will be featured as exemplary online instructors on the SUNY website and will have the opportunity to be online teaching advocates and to share their thoughts with the SUNY communities of practice in various ways over the coming year.
  • New Online and Blended Courses continue to be added to FIT's offerings. During this Fall, Winter, and Spring, the college is running 636 Online sections (up from 554 last year) and 66 Blended sections (up from 51 sections last year).
  • The office trained 16 new online instructors this past fall, bringing the total number of trained Online instructors to 231; and 2 new blended instructors bringing the total number of Blended instructors to 64.
  • Emerging Technology at FIT: visit this website to submit and review recommendations for innovative technology that has the potential to enhance student learning or faculty research.

Student Academic Support:

  • Beginning Monday, March 16, all advisement will take place online. For information about making online appointments, visit our Make an Appointment page. Please send all inquiries to [email protected].
  • New approaches have been implemented to engage students who need to submit their SAT/ACT or take the Placement Exam. This initiative was developed in an effort to assist students in staying on track for graduation. 
  • The Academic Advisement Center will extend opening hours on Mondays and Thursdays during peak advisement times every semester.
  • Academic Advisement continues with the Early Alert pilot which increases the ability to reach out to students when needed and advise of academic resources available.
  • The Writing & Speaking Studio celebrates its 10th year this Fall. A celebratory event will take place on October 8th with several former FIT peer tutor speakers as well as Dr. Beth Boquet of Fairfield University’s Writing Center and Poetry for Peace program. The event will help kick off FIT's campus-wide Civility Week. 

FIT Library Academic Support:

  • Offers multiple different options for integrating library instruction into FIT courses both synchronously and asynchronously. Faculty can submit an Instruction Request and library staff will collaborate to develop customized content for each class.
  • Offers copyright support services. For questions on copyright related courses or faculty research and publication, please email [email protected].
  • Requests items from other institutions via Interlibrary Loan (ILL).
  • Members of the FIT Community can place requests for the library to purchase items. Please complete the Library Material Purchase Request Form.
  • Limited curbside pick up is available for many of the library's physical resources with requests through OneSearch. Faculty can also place  requests to scan up to 10% or one chapter of a book in our collection, video demonstrations of both of these services.
  • Each department has a Library Liaison available to answer any other questions. More information is provided on the Services for Faculty page.