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Faculty and Academic Program Support


The mission of FIT's Faculty and Academic Program Support (FAPS) unit is to provide exemplary consultation and direction to faculty and Academic Affairs in the areas of catalog development, curriculum administration, online learning, career and internship studies, student academic support, academic advising, faculty development, academic and administrative program assessment, institutional research and services related to tenure, promotion, student evaluations, and reappointment. 

Exciting new projects from faculty and academic program support include:

Faculty Development and CET

  • The CET will host a number of events in the Spring 2020 semester.  These include:
    • All-day immersive Teaching with Technology Certificate event on January 16, 2020. 
    • Faculty round table Classroom Strategies You Can Use! on February 27, 2020 from 12-2pm.
    • Guest artist and MIT collaborator Dan Tepfer will host exploratory event Desiging with Music! that will connect emerging multimedia to classroom practice on March 27, 2020 from 10am-2pm.
    • As part of the Adjunct Summer Institute on May 27, 2020, guest speaker Yolanda Sealy Ruiz, Teachers College, will facilitate a morning session titled Teaching for a Democrative Society.
  • Online faculty development workshops continue to be offered using Webex. Examples include Tips for Teaching and Making and Using Video for Teaching.  Online faculty development workshops are also being facilitated for SUNY-Korea faculty.
  • The number of faculty using the Concourse digital syllabus template continues to grow. To get started, please follow these instructions. For additional information or consultation, contact the CET.


  • The office of Curriculum oversaw a total of 212 CIM actions in Spring and Fall 2019. This included:
    • 54 new courses were created
    • 11 courses were deactivated
    • 23 updates were made to existing degree programs
    • 3 new minors were created
    • 9 text updates made to degree major pages and existing minors
    • 2 new special topics course were created
    • 67 edits made to existing courses
    • 5 updates to existing minors

Faculty Services

  • The office of Faculty Services is undergoing a pilot program for a new online student evaluation system, EvaluationKIT. The system was rolled out campus-wide in the Fall 2018 semester.

Internship Studies:

  • Internship Studies is pleased to announce the first IC 297 class conducted in partnership with SUNY Korea and held in Korea. IC 297 is a 3-credit internship course for AAS students with a focus on the internship experience and on helping students identify suitable career paths. Fashion Business Merchandising and Fashion Design students from SUNY Korea are enrolled in the Spring 2019 course. Sunghyun (Sean) Lee is the instructor for the class; he is being mentored by Internship Studies faculty.

Institutional Research and Effectiveness:

  • Institutional Research and Effectiveness organized two events in the Spring semester to highlight some of the outstanding work faculty are doing to assess student learning:
    • In March, two Fashion Business Management faculty members (Joanne Offerman and Janice Messinger) shared their methods for assessing program learning outcomes in required Fashion Business Management courses.
    • In April, faculty in The School of Liberal Arts (Lasse Savola and Daniel Benkendorf) and the Library (Maria Rothenberg) discussed assessing learning outcomes in general education. These events illustrated the advancement of assessment at FIT.

Online Learning:

  • In January 2020, Professors Kyunghee Pyun and Mario Valero were named SUNY Online Teaching Ambassadors. They will be featured as exemplary online instructors on the SUNY website and will have the opportunity to be online teaching advocates and to share their thoughts with the SUNY communities of practice in various ways over the coming year.
  • Interest in taking and teaching online courses continues to grow. Students took a total of 626 Online credit sections in the past year, up from 613 the previous year, as well as 34 Blended sections.  21 faculty members completed the training program for Online Instructors and 18 faculty members completed training to teach Blended courses.
  • In March 2019, the department of Online Learning and Academic Technology won the FACT2 Excellence Award in Instructional Support: Community Colleges. This award recognizes excellence by full or part-time instructional support persons involved in supporting innovative uses of educational technologies to meaningfully improve teaching and learning by working individually or in collaboration with teaching faculty in the strategic application of curriculum within SUNY. 
  • In May 2019, FIT's two online degree programs - the 1-year associate's in Fashion Business Management and the 2-year bachelor's in International Trade and Marketing - were ranked #19 out of 50 by College Consensus for Best Return on Investment for Online Students. 
  • Over summer 2019, the office launched a refresh program for instructors who would like to update their older online courses from 2014 or earlier. Now the office is inviting all faculty with an online course that is two or more years old. Refreshed courses will contain at least one innovation, an introductory video, and all components of the most recent certification checklist. Instructors who are interested in updating online courses should fill out this form. https://forms.gle/ AfjFvoZf61rDRvE18. 
  • Emerging Technology at FIT: visit this website to submit and review recommendations for innovative technology that has the potential to enhance student learning or faculty research.

Student Academic Support:

  • In Spring 2019 Student Academic Support launched their new website, bringing together units including Academic Advising, Career and Internship Services, Writing & Speaking Studio, Academic Skills Tutoring and Placement Tests in one place.
  • Tutorial services are now be provided for students participating in the FIT in Italy program (Milan, Florence). Students now have a choice to receive tutoring by the faculty in Italy or in NY through our online system.
  • New approaches have been implemented to engage students who need to submit their SAT/ACT or take the Placement Exam. This initiative was developed in an effort to assist students in staying on track for graduation. 
  • The Academic Advisement Center will extend opening hours on Mondays and Thursdays during peak advisement times every semester.
  • Academic Advisement continues with the Early Alert pilot which increases the ability to reach out to students when needed and advise of academic resources available.
  • The Writing & Speaking Studio celebrates its 10th year this Fall. A celebratory event will take place on October 8th with several former FIT peer tutor speakers as well as Dr. Beth Boquet of Fairfield University’s Writing Center and Poetry for Peace program. The event will help kick off FIT's campus-wide Civility Week.

  • The Writing & Speaking Studio’s Communication Teaching and Learning Program will host the 2018 Spotlight Series featuring faculty from nine different departments presenting talks on research writing pedagogy.