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FIT’s Office for Curriculum provides guidance to faculty and academic departments on revising and developing course curricula, undergraduate and graduate credit degree programs, and certificates. Guided by regulations from the U.S. Dept. of Education and New York State Education Department, Curriculum team members work collaboratively with academic and administrative offices to assist faculty in meeting state, regional, federal and national higher education expectations while designing and implementing innovative curricula.

The Office also works in cooperation with the Office of Faculty Services, which assists faculty in preparing materials for review by the College-wide Curriculum Committee, and with the Registrar's Office regarding the implementation of new curricular items or curriculum revisions.  

To download the Course of Study template, developed by the College-Wide Curriculum Committee, click here.

               2021-22 Undergraduate Catalog         2021-22 Graduate Catalog

The Office of Faculty and Academic Program Support is:

Yasemin Jones, Associate Vice President, Faculty and Academic Program Support
Deborah Klesenski
, Assistant Dean for Curriculum and Instruction
Johanna Wilson, Executive Coordinator for Curriculum

Curriculum Workflow Graphic