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Make an Appointment

We have recently upgraded our appointment system, and are excited to announce the use of Starfish student success platform. Starfish provides you with a central location to connect to advisors in the Academic Advisement Center.

Make an Appointment

Please be sure to arrive on time so you can benefit fully from your scheduled advisement appointment.


How to Schedule an Appointment

  • Log in to MyFIT. On the Student tab, click on Make an Appointment with your Academic Advisor in the Online Resources box. That link will redirect you to Starfish, where you will need log in again using your MyFIT credentials. 
  • Select My Success Network. Displayed within Your Services will be Academic Advisement Center. Select this service.
  • Select Schedule Appointment 
  • You will be prompted to select the type of appointment you want to schedule. Choose a reason from the list
  • Adjust the date range as needed to find days and times that work for your schedule, and then select a time from the list.
  • Complete your sign up by adjusting any details, such as duration of the appointment, location of the appointment, or reason for the visit where applicable, and add a description for why you want to meet. 
  • Click Confirm to finish scheduling the appointment. You will get an email with the appointment details to your FIT email account. 
  • Appointments are made using Eastern time, so please be mindful of any time difference when scheduling your appointment.  
  • The default session length is 15 minutes. We suggest you extend your session length to 30 minutes if you are arranging a first meeting with an advisor or if you are requesting an online (virtual) or telephone session.

If you have questions about making an appointment, please call us at (212) 217-3080.

Additional Instructions for Online and Telephone Sessions

Online Advisement via Email (Google Hangout)

  • Select Virtual Appointment when selecting your Appointment Type.
  • Your advisor will send any documents needed to your FIT email address.
  • At your designated appointment time, log into your FIT email account using your FIT username and password.
    (How to Sign Into Your FIT Email Account)
  • After logging in, look for a chat request from your advisor. Accept it to begin your session.

If you are interested in a video chat session, follow the Google directions for how to start a video call.  

Telephone Advisement

  • Select Telephone Appointment when selecting Appointment Type.
  • Your advisor will will send any documents needed to your FIT email address, along with a phone number to call for the session. (How to Sign Into Your FIT Email Account)
  • At your designated appointment time, call your advisor at the number provided to you via email. If you are having difficulty connecting with the advisor, please call the Academic Advisement Center main number at (212) 217-3080.