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Creative Technology Minor

The successful completion of five (5) course minimum (as detailed below) are required and a minimum 2.5 GPA in these courses are expected to fulfill the requirements for a Creative Technology Minor. The minor must be completed prior to graduation.

  • Students can apply no more than two (2) classes from their own major area (these courses, however,  must be from Group A or Group B) toward the CT minor. The remaining courses must be:  two (2) related area courses and the capstone class, CT441.
  • A minimum of two (2) out of  four (4) choice classes for the minor must be from Group B. Students can choose to select all 4 courses from Group B.
  • Students are encouraged to complete all four (4) classes from the list of choices before registering for the required CT441 Creative Technology Lab.
  • If a student has not completed all four (4) classes before registering for the required CT441, the student must have completed three (3) choice classes successfully and registered or in the process of completing the fourth (4th) choice class before they register for the required CT441 Creative Technology Lab.
  • A meeting with the CT Minor Coordinator is required prior to registering for CT441 Creative Technology Lab.

There will be a mandatory CT Minor Orientation during the convocation week every semester so the students who declared CT Minor can meet with the CT Minor Coordinator to develop realistic courses of study to complete the CT Minor.

 Group A  Group B
CD 123 Basic Bookbinding CG 121 Applications for Social Media CG 211 Computer Assisted Design CG 214 Web Page Construction CT 432 Self-Promotion and Digital Portfolio Design FA 117 Traditional Techniques in Fine Arts FA 171 Printmaking I GD 244 Intro to Web Design ID 151 Basic Drafting Techniques PH 117 Principles of Photography Including Darkroom Instruction PH 118 Beginning Digital Photography PH 171 Digital Darkroom PK 212 Foundation in Three-Dimensional Design for Consumer Packaging TY 101 Intro to Toy Design  AD 364 Digital Media Advertising CG 212 Introduction to 3D Computer Modeling CG 251 Digital Editing for Film & Video CG 312 3D Computer Modeling and Rendering CT 331 Media Integration for Photography and Video CT 341 Design for Screen-based Media CT 371 Intro to Kinetic Typography CT 411 Design and Interaction CT 412 Immersive-Publication Design CT 431 Intro to User Experience Design GD 344 Graphic Design in Digital Media ID 472 Ecology and the Build Environment IS 313 Environmental Experience PH 331 Lighting for Still and Moving Images PK 342 Advanced Computer Graphics for Packaging Design 
Required Capstone Course
CT 441 Creative Technology