Teaching Faculty Computer Refresh

Policy No: IT014

Policy Statement

The purpose of this policy is to provide a coordinated, centralized, and sustainable computer hardware refresh process for all classroom teaching faculty (Faculty). FIT computers will be replaced based on level of user and type of machine. This process will improve system dependability, administration, and cost management. FIT-Information Technology (IT) will coordinate administration of this policy with input from Academic Affairs and Finance.

Who is Affected by This Policy

  • Deans
  • Teaching Faculty 

Policy Information

  • Responsible Administrator(s): Vice President for Information Technology and CIO; Vice President for Academic Affairs; Vice President for Finance and Administration 
  • Responsible Office(s): Office of Information Technology; Office of Academic Affairs; Office of Finance and Administration
  • Implementation History: Issued August 2016; Updated July 2017
  • Contact(s): Information Technology, Academic Technology and Desktop Services; Academic Affairs

View Official Policy

IT014, Teaching Faculty Computer Refresh Policy (.pdf)
*This PDF document is the official version of this policy.