Compliance Training at FIT


Compliance Training Programs

FIT proudly offers compliance training to help employees learn the requirements of federal, state, or local laws, SUNY guidance, or FIT policy.

Training is aimed at helping you become even more adept, aware, knowledgeable, and efficient on matters pertaining to our work and campus culture. 

The Office of Policy and Compliance (OPC) offers online training via Vector LMS, Higher Education Edition, which is interactive, visually appealing, and easy to use. You can even take your training in smaller, digestible modules to meet your scheduling needs, or test out if you can demonstrate sufficient understanding of the material. Other areas on campus collaborate with OPC to offer Live training on other important topics. 

Yes! FIT offers both Live and Online training, depending on the topic at hand. Online and Live trainings are designed to work together. Online training (offered by OPC) teaches the fundamental principles about each topic, and live training (offered by supporting departments)  bolsters learning and helps make it applicable to circumstances employess face in their daily duties. 

Employee-wide Online Compliance Training offered via OPC is released employee-wide early in the Fall semester so that you can have access to, and can use, this important information for the entire academic year.  Completion is encouraged by the close of the Fall semester.

While it's best to take training as soon as possible, we understand it can be alot of information and time, so training is left open for the entire academic year. This way, you can control when to complete each course according to your scheduling needs, topic relevance, or priority. All online training assignments expire June 30th each calendar year, then the training site is taken offline for the summer while we prepare our programs for the next academic year.  For more information, log into MyFIT and review our Annual Training Calendar within the Office of Policy and Compliance pages in the Division of Legal Affairs. 

For deadlines and dates of training offered by other departments, please contact the appropriate departments. (See: "What Compliance Training is offered by other departments".)

OPC offers the following compliance training to our employees:

  • Active Shooter: Run, Hide, Fight – Online
  • Campus Security Authorities: Roles and Responsibilities (CSA, Clery Act)
  • Child Abuse: Mandatory Reporting
  • Cybersafe
  • Discrimination and Harassment
  • Equity and Inclusion Workshop Series – Live Training
  • FERPA: Confidentiality of Records
  • FIT Records Management
  • General Ethics in the Workplace
  • Hazardous Communication /Right to Understand - Online
  • Hazardous Communication Com Right to Know - Live
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
  • Payment Card Industry Data Standards (PCI DSS) Overview
  • Sexual Harassment: Staff to Staff
  • Workplace Bullying: Awareness and Prevention
  • Workplace Violence: Awareness and Prevention

Compliance Training:

  • Active Shooter Training (Public Safety - live training)
  • Cybersafe Training (Information Technology - online course)
  • Digital Content Accessibility (Communications and External Relations - online training)
  • Equity and Inclusion Workshops (Title IX/Affirmative Action - live training)
  • Hazardous Communication: Right to Know (Environmental Health and Safety - live training)

Professional Development:

Please log into MyFIT, and visit the Office of Compliance pages, under the Division of Legal Affairs, for more information on:

  • Why each training is valuable
  • How long each course takes
  • Who should take each training
  • Supporting laws, regulations, guidance, and college policies for each course
  • Compliance Training FAQs (including more information on Vector LMS, Higher Education Edition)
  • Annual Training Calendar (for a schedule of Live and Online training offered throughout the year)