Web Content Policy

Official and Unofficial Pages
Content Requirements for Official FIT Pages
Content Requirements for Unofficial FIT Pages


The FIT Web Content Policy is intended to set standards for acceptable use of the FIT web structure, clarify responsibilities, and encourage accurate, useful, and appropriate presentations of information.


The FIT Web Content Policy applies to publication of information on the internet and specifically to web publications. This policy applies to information:

  • published within the FIT Internet domain (fitnyc.edu);
  • published on servers owned by FIT; and
  • published elsewhere under direction or control of a FIT department, organization, or individual, where the contents are identified as official FIT information.

FIT webpages are to be implemented following broad guidelines stated in Principles for the FIT Web.


FIT hosts two categories of webpages: "official" and "unofficial." 

Official pages communicate official information about FIT or provide access to information useful to FIT students, faculty, staff, alumni, or affiliates and include pages published by or about FIT schools, departments, divisions, offices, centers, programs, and committees.

Official pages are reviewed by the Office of Communications and External Relations, as well as the respective department/division heads, and are monitored to ensure that the FIT site is of high quality and that it functions well.

Unofficial pages include pages published by or about student organizations and individual faculty or staff members.

Unofficial pages are not regularly reviewed or monitored; however, all materials hosted on the fitnyc.edu domain must comply with the established rules and regulations of FIT. No unofficial pages may be represented as official FIT content.


Official webpages must:

  • clearly identify the name of the department, unit, or organization publishing the content;
  • provide a link back to the official FIT homepage; 
  • link to appropriate pages referencing official catalog information (i.e. curricula, course descriptions, admissions and financial aid requirements) rather than repeating it; 
  • not rely on binary files such as images, graphics, pdfs documents, and Microsoft Word documents to relay information to users (see Web Accessibility); and 
  • adhere to New York State Technology Policy 99-3, Universal Accessibility for NYS Web Sites, which outlines techniques for designing accessible websites, especially for the seeing-impaired who use screen readers to navigate the web (see Web Accessibility).


Unofficial webpages must:

  • contain the name and email address of the page owner; and 
  • clearly feature the following disclaimer text on the home page: The contents of these pages have not been reviewed or approved by FIT

Publishers of unofficial pages are encouraged to identify their connection to FIT.