COVID-Related Information

Fall 2021

The Office of Academic Affairs is committed to providing continuous academic support to students and pedagogical assistance to faculty as the College returns to in-person instruction. This webpage is updated regularly as new information becomes available. Please check back soon. Visit for the most recent developments.

The Office of Online Learning and Academic Technologies, the Center for Excellence in Teaching, and the Division of Information Technology provide training and resources to assist faculty in their transition back to in-person instruction. See the links below for information. Additional workshops on a variety of topics will be offered later in the semester.

SUNY System Support

Academic Student Support Areas including the Library will be open to provide in-person and virtual assistance and support to students starting at the beginning of fall 2021 semester.

Academic Advisement Center 
Advisement is currently available online and will be available in-person at the beginning of fall 2021 semester.

Academic Skills Tutoring Center
Tutoring is available online (appointments should be scheduled at least 48 hours in advance) and will be available in-person at the beginning of fall 2021 semester.

Career and Internship Services
The Career and Internship Center is operating remotely (students can make appointments for virtual career counseling sessions, or visit the Virtual Drop-In Q&A forum) and will be available in-person at the beginning of fall 2021 semester.

Fall 2021 Internships:  Fall 2021 internship and career planning courses will be conducted in-person. Should you choose to participate in-person at an internship site, you must adhere to current state and local COVID-19 directives, plus CDC guidelines. 

Gladys Marcus Library  
Librarian services and library resources are available online. Librarians can provide assistance by chat, text, email or phone (information about online materials and services are available on the Library’s website). In-person services will be available at the start of the fall 2021 semester.

Writing and Speaking Studio 
Consultations are available online and will be available in-person at the start of the fall 2021 semester.

Academic Honor Code
As a reminder, FIT's Academic Honor Code continues to be in force. Students who copy another person's idea or written work and claim it as original are in violation of FIT’s policy on academic integrity. 

Grading Policy  
The Adjusted Grading Policy for spring 2020 is no longer in effect.  FIT has resumed its regular grading policy.

Study Abroad
In-person summer and fall 2021 Study Abroad Programs have not been reactivated 
by SUNY at this time.

Withdrawal Policy
The last day to officially withdraw from a course is up until the last day of the 13th week of a fall or spring semester. The student will receive a final grade of WD for a course withdrawal completed in this time frame. WD grades do not affect GPA. To officially withdraw from a course, students must submit a Course Withdrawal Form, completed and signed by them and their instructor, and e-mailed to the Registrar's Office.

Technical Support

Blackboard is FIT's learning management system for all online and face-to-face taught courses. The Open SUNY Help Desk provides students help with questions or issues using Blackboard. Call (800) 875-6269 or visit the Blackboard Help Page.

Information Technology at FIT 
If you should encounter problems with login, contact the FIT Help Desk at (212) 217-HELP or [email protected] and visit their web pages for important notifications. To open a ticket, please visit IT Self-Service Portal

PrintFX, FabLab and Tech Support
Students are invited to "drop in" and ask staff members questions regarding: 3D Modeling, Laser Cutting, Photography, Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe Acrobat, Google Docs, MS Office or General PrintFX or Technology questions. To access, log into your FIT email account during any session and send the PrintFX team a chat message. (Please note you must only use your FIT email address for chat messages).

SUNY System Support

SUNY Student Resources for Online Learning

SUNY Student Resources for Mental Health, Nutrition and Technology

SUNY Online Help Desk

SUNY Resources for Active Military and Veteran Students

Will classes be offered in-person or online this fall 2021 semester?

Under FIT’s plan for reopening, all fall 2021 semester undergraduate classes will return to either in-person or online. 

Use this link to search the list of fall 2021 course offerings. 

1. Select fall 2021 in "Search by Term" field. 

2. Click Submit.

3. Select the Subject of the course you are searching for.

4. Enter the Number of the course you are searching for.

5. Click Class Search. The course listing will include the "attribute," and will indicate whether the course is to be offered in-person or online. 

Is the academic calendar the same? 

The fall 2021 semester will run August 30 – December 23 for all classes. 

General Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Student Questions

What student services will be available in fall 2021?

All student services are available online and will be available in-person in fall 2021. For other student services, please click on the following link

Does FIT still have the “S” grade option?  What is the grading policy? 

The Adjusted Grading Policy is no longer in effect.  FIT has resumed its regular grading policy.

How can I get the materials and books I need for my classes?

FIT's Barnes & Noble Bookstore can ship books and course related materials to students through its website.  It has also expanded the digital format availability of course materials which provides students access to materials immediately after orders are processed.  Students will also be able to shop in-person.  In addition, check the Gladys Marcus Library which has many textbooks and readings available virtually.

Faculty Questions

How will I be teaching my classes in fall 2021?

Your schedule should indicate whether the section you are teaching is offered in-person or online (asynchronous).  If you are unsure, contact your department chair.  

In whatever format you will be teaching, the overall goals and course learning outcomes of the course should remain the same. There are many resources available from the Office of Online Learning and Academic Technologies as well as the Center for Excellence in Teaching to assist you in planning.

Do I have to use Blackboard for my Online classes? Do I have to use Blackboard Collaborate?

Since all FIT courses are set up in Blackboard, all Online sections must use Blackboard as their home base. Students will look for their Online section on the Blackboard home page. Faculty are encouraged to use other tools as appropriate (e.g. Google Docs, Voicethread, Padlet) but these tools should be linked to from the Blackboard course.

Since Online courses are asynchronous, there is generally no live communication with your students. FIT supports Blackboard Collaborate (which is built into Blackboard), Google Meet (which is part of G Suite), and Webex for when live communication is necessary (for example, for online office hours, small groups of students working together, or optional guest speaker presentations). There is no requirement that you use particular tools, as long as your students have access to them. However, Blackboard Collaborate is built into Blackboard already, so students may find it to be easier.

How should I order books and materials for the classes I am teaching?

FIT's Barnes & Noble Bookstore is reopening and can ship books and course related materials to students. In addition, it has expanded the digital format availability of course materials to provide students with access to materials immediately after an order is processed. If you have not yet entered your information on texts required for the course(s) you are teaching in the spring, please log into Faculty Enlight. Please contact the bookstore with any questions about classroom materials (212-217-5690). In addition, share your textbook and reading information with the Gladys Marcus Library and they will investigate options for students to access through the library. You may also consider adopting an OER textbook.

What other support is available to me for fall 2021 teaching? 

Please see the Support for Faculty tab at the top of this webpage.

What about grading? Can I use pass/fail grading?

Faculty should provide grades according to the traditional grading mode set for their class.  The adjusted grading policy is no longer in effect. 

I have additional questions related to teaching and academic policies. Who should I ask?

Please begin by asking your department chair, who will be your best resource at this time.