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Online Consultations

We understand that visiting the Writing Studio isn't always a possibility, which is why we provide live, synchronous online consultations through our online appointment system. You will be able to chat/instant message with a writing consultant as you work on your draft.

Here's how to set up and access your online, one-to-one consultation:

  1. Log in to WCOnline at If this is your first visit, you'll need to create a profile. Otherwise, log in using your FIT username and pasword.

  2. Limit the Writing Studio schedule to "Online Consultations"

  3. Find an open spot and click on it. Then be sure to select "Yes--Meet Online."

  4. When it's time for your session, open your reserved appointment and click on "Start or join online consultation."

    WConline Session Start button
  5. Next you will get a pop-up window for the "Video and Mic" option.  This allows you to communicate with the tutor. Select down arrow to turn on devices.

    Camera and MIc on indicater
  6. Now that you have turn on the camera & mic, you can now select the "record" button (in the upper right corner)
    WC online session record button
  7.  Now you can import/upload and/or download your document and the tutor will be there live to work with you.
    Document upload button
  8. After you have upload your document you can now select the "edit" button.
    Document Edit button
  9. After you have finished editing your paper, you can now save (download) your document and end the session.